Sister Wives: Things Fans Should Not Miss In New Season

Sister WivesSister Wives season 16 is just right around the corner and fans are getting excited. However, TLC recently teased that the Browns are falling apart in the upcoming season. Due to this, fans can expect that things will get a little messy and stressful along the way.

However, despite the negativities, season 16 is still a much-watch for many reasons. Fans also think that season 16 is going to be the peak season of the Browns as they try to figure out how the family would last. Here are some of the things fans should not miss in the new season.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown’s Exit From The Family

Sister Wives star Christine Brown shocked the world after announcing that her relationship with Kody Brown is over. Christine’s announcement comes after reports claimed that she sold her Flagstaff property and moved back to Utah.

However, the recent season 16 teaser didn’t show any signs of Christine breaking up with Kody. Due to this, the reason behind Christine’s departure is defiantly a high-anticipated topic in season 16. It also appears that Christine’s move will also be documented in the latest season.

Kody himself also took Instagram to let the fans know about his split with Christine. Some are thankful that Christine would no longer suffer from Kody’s poor treatment, while some are hoping that it will be a wake-up call for Kody to be a better husband.

Sister Wives – Meri Brown And Kody Brown’s Tumultuous Relationship

Sister Wives fans have been following the plural family for years, and they always see one thing. It’s none other than Meri Brown and Kody Brown’s tumultuous relationship. Due to this, fans are hoping that Meri and Kody will finally get some closure in season 16.
However, some are hoping that the two will patch things up and continue living as a family. At this point, Meri has yet to talk about her relationship with Kody. According to reports, Meri and Kody almost never interact with each other behind the cameras.

Sister Wives – The Coyote Pass Property

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has kept a promise to his wives for years. Apparently, Kody told his wives that he’s going to build a house enough for all of them to live. Unfortunately, things went south after Kody struggled financially.
Due to this, fans are hoping that there’s going to be an update in the Coyote Pass in season 16. However, some are having doubts that Kody will ever build on the land, especially now that Christine has left the plural family.

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