Prince Harry Is Going Bald In America

A UK leading cosmetic surgeon claims that Prince Harry, 36, will be virtually bald at the age of 50 if he does not decide to take action now. According to Dr. Asim Shahmalak, Harry is balding slower than his brother Prince William, who started balding at the age of 26.

Leading Cosmetic Surgeon Calls on Harry to take Action

Dr. Asim Shahmalak, a leading cosmetic surgeon, recently revealed that Harry’s hair loss has accelerated since his move to the U.S. over a year ago. The surgeon, who works at Crown Clinic in Manchester, explained that the younger Prince’s balding process is much slower compared to that of his brother Prince William. According to him, Harry is ten times behind his older brother.

Dr. Shahmalak said that at age 36, Harry is at the same hair loss stage as William was at the age of 26.

“The baldness gene is not as strong in Harry but he is still losing his hair quickly. At present most of Harry’s hair loss is around the crown area,” the Surgeon said. “He has a growing bald patch right across his crown and you can also see that his hair is also thinning out towards the front.”

“Without treatment, the acceleration we have seen over the last 15 months will only increase over the next year,” he continued. “Harry may never be as bald as his brother William. William has been more affected than any of the royal men.”

Dr. Asim Shahmalak produced a graphic to show how Harry’s hair will look at age 50. Prince William, on the other hand, has lost all the hair on the top of his scalp at the age of 38.

“He inherited the powerful baldness gene from his father Prince Charles who got it from his father Prince Philip. With each generation, the hair loss appears to be getting worse which can happen in some families.”

Dr. Shahmalak noted that another factor contributing to the increased balding rate is the fact that the brothers may have also gotten it from their mother’s side. “[Diana’s] father, Earl Spencer, was also bald.”

“The baldness gene can be passed down on both sides of the family,” he added.

According to him Prince Harry is showing the same level of male pattern baldness as Prince William did at the age of 26.

“No two brothers are the same, but both William and Harry have inherited the same baldness gene. It is too late for Prince William and there is nothing that can be done to reverse his hair loss. Harry still has time if he wants to take action.”

However, over the last two years, Dr. Shahmalak claims that the balding process has accelerated. He also advised that Harry would be almost completely bald at age 50 if he does not take any action to prevent it.

Dr. Shahmalak Discusses His Surge Of Clients

While the pandemic might have slowed things down, the ease of lockdown protocols has seen a surge in appointments at his world-renowned clinic, which is completely COVID-compliant.

“People have saved up money during the lockdowns and now they are ready to spend,” he said. He also credits the surge as coming from people’s desire to recover from home.

“It is also easier to have a hair transplant when you are working from home. You can stay quietly at home during the recovery period and stay more anonymous while the new hair grows back.”

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