Royal Family News: Princess Diana And Meghan Markle Both Ticked Off The Queen In This Exact Same Way

British royal family news reveals that a new book is making bold claims about the relationships (mostly failed) that Princess Diana and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, had with Queen Elizabeth. According to one royal expert, each had lofty plans about how they would fit into the royal family, and both came away empty-handed.

Royal Family News – Did Meghan Markle And Princess Diana Want the Impossible?

Matthew Dennison wrote The Queen: An Elegant New Biography of Her Majesty Elizabeth II, and in it are some startling revelations. According to him, the queen’s relationship with both Diana and Meghan failed to become warm and fuzzy.

Dennison said, according to The Mirror, “The Queen doesn’t talk about her own feelings and she doesn’t encourage others to talk about their feelings either.” Right there we can see why mouthy mudslingers Diana and Meghan would have earned the queen’s scorn. Both have a history of trashing the royal family in public, more than once, in a stunningly rude and ungracious manner.

Royal Family News – Queen Elizabeth Is Not A Chatty Cathy

According to Dennison, “Diana had meeting after meeting with the Queen, who ultimately felt it was the same conversation happening over and over again. Diana never forgot who her mother-in-law was and that provided a barrier that was not of the Queen’s making.”

“I don’t know if Meghan was overawed in that sense because Meghan was a grown woman with experience of life when she joined the royal family whereas Diana was a young girl. But I think both women wanted something from the Queen that they didn’t get.”

Before trying her hand at being a princess, Meghan was the Briefcase Girl on a game show and acted in a cable show.

Royal Family News – Meghan Markle Did Not Win At the Royal Game

According to her, “I thought genuinely that was what happens outside I thought that was part of the fanfare,” Meghan said in her interview with Oprah Winfrey of the moment Prince Harry asked if she knew how to curtsy. “I didn’t think that was what happens inside. And I said, ‘But it’s you’re grandmother,’ and he said, ‘It’s the Queen.’”

“That was really the first moment that the penny dropped,” she said noting that she had to learn how to curtsy before meeting the queen, just like everyone else.

As for Diana, giving a tell-all similar to the one the Markle’s did with Oprah, sealed her fate, After she revealed she and Charles both engaged in affairs, the queen advised Charles and Diana to divorce (as any sensible person would).

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