1000-Lb. Sisters: Tammy’s Mother Darlene Concerned She’ll Bury Her Daughter, Blames Herself

1000-Lb. Sisters1000-Lb. Sisters fans can sympathize with Tammy’s mother Darlene as she faces the very likely outcome of one day having to bury her daughter and what’s worse – the mother of five blames herself for it.

Though the 1000-Lb. Sisters stars have a turbulent and complicated relationship with their mother, she showed up in a recent episode to check on Tammy. While many believe she loves her children and regrets the mistakes she has made with them, there are many who think her sentiment is feigned.

Read on and we’ll get into it.

1000-Lb. Sisters – The Building Of The Wall

Throughout the run of 1000-Lb. Sisters fans have come to see the complicated and tumultuous relationship that Darlene has had with her children but lately, she has been at least acting like she regrets the past and wants to make up for it.

It was once revealed that the Slaton Matriarch worked for a great deal of her life and was never able to spend much time with her kids and gradually, as a result, a wall came up between them. It seems that there may be a crack forming in that wall with Darlene showing up to discuss her fears for her daughter Tammy

In the episode, Darlene discovered that Tammy is on her way to find out how much weight she had lost if any. Darlene comments that she would like to be informed about the weight loss and then tells Tammy that she should leave off the pizzas as they aren’t good for her health.

1000-Lb. Sisters – No Mother Wants To Bury Their Child

When a producer asked Darlene how important Tammy’s health was to her, she responded that it was “very” important. Tammy is currently at 600 Lbs. and Darlene teared up admitting that she might have to bury her child – a heartbreaking and jolting realization for any mother.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters mom went on to explain that she feels as though she could be to blame for her daughter’s weight problem and that she’s been harboring guilt over it for a while. Becoming emotional when asked how she feels about it, she reveals that she fears having to bury her child.

Tammy’s distraught mother admits to producers that she should have known better when raising her daughters. Get more 1000-Lb. Sisters Monday at 9 PM Central on TLC and return here frequently for more spoilers, news, and updates.

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