Kyle Chrisley Posts Birthday Greetings To His Dad Todd

Kyle Chrisley Kyle Chrisley doesn’t often go on social media, but like Savannah, he did think of his dad on his birthday. The reminder that Todd Chrisley celebrates his birthday this week, came from Savannah in a long post where she seemed to feel a lot of pain and grief. If you don’t know, he was born on April 6 in Georgia. Later, the patriarch of Chrisley Knows Best relocated to Atlanta and then to Nashville. For the next 12 years. it’s possible that his home will be inside Pensacola FCI in Florida. 

Kyle Chrisley – Is The Son Of Todd And Teresa Terry

Julie Chrisley, who serves time in a Kentucky prison for tax-related charges isn’t the mom of Kyle and Lindsie, both of whom were estranged from their dad for some time. Actually, they all reconciled now, but his oldest son still seems a bit troubled. Recall, the family reunited at his bedside when he attempted suicide. If you don’t know, he tied the knot with Ashleigh Nelson, and his daughter by ex-girlfriend Angela Victoria Johnson, Chloe, is living with Savannah after Todd adopted her.

Kyle Chrisley is sometimes thought to have been behind his dad’s stint in federal prison. However, while he apparently did leak some info to the tax authorities, it related to the charges that Todd was virtually found innocent of in the State of Georgia, a different case from the federal one in Atlanta. Still, Todd always extended a hand of forgiveness to his kids, and so did the rest of the family.

Kyle Chrisley – Greets His Dad On His Birthday

On April 6, the son of Teresa and Todd took to his Instagram Stories and to his main profile to let his dad know that he was thinking of him. Whether Todd will actually see it or not seems questionable. Still, Savannah might send it to him in an email. In his caption, he said, “I’ve waited all day to post this because it’s so hard to think of the right things to say. You’re an incredible father and friend.”

Kyle Chrisley Posts Birthday greetings To His Dad Todd
Kyle Chrisley / Instagram Stories

Kyle Chrisley continued by saying, “I miss you so much. I hate that you’re spending your birthday where you are.” But what seems awful is that he can’t “hug” his dad’s “neck or take [him] out to lunch.” Finally, he wrote, “I wish things were different.” While he wishes he could be with his dad, he also hopes things will change. If you don’t know, Todd and Julie have filed for an appeal. Kyle noted, “I wish you were here but hopefully soon you will be. I love you so much Daddy, Happy Birthday.”

Chrisley Knows Best Fans React

USA Network fans took to the comments section of the post by Kyle Chrisley. One of them wrote, “Happy birthday to your daddy! He loves you so much. Praying for you and your family to be reunited real soon ❤️‍?.”

Another one said, “Beautifully said Kyle. Hopefully your dad will be home soon. Happy Birthday to your dad.”

More comments followed, and here is another nice example of what fans think: “Keep the faith! #freeTodd&JulieChrisley. Happy Birthday @toddchrisley ?. I love your family. Hang in there Kyle!”

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