Meri Brown’s Business Could Face Trademark Issues

Meri Brown is ready to launch her business. However, there’s just one problem. She could face trademark issues. Meri admitted she got the name from a newly-released book. Read on to learn more.

Did Meri Brown Rip Off Autho’s Book?

The Sister Wives star caught controversy with her businesses in the past. Meri Brown was involved with LuLaRoe, which had its share of shady practices. She announced a new venture that features the Worthy Up name. Meri is gearing up to be a speaker, writer, and coach.

Some critics believe she shouldn’t advise other women due to her marriage with Kody Brown. Instead of leaving him, she was willing to stay in the family and wait for him to love her again. Thankfully, she left him behind. Sister Wives fans noticed that Meri is happier without him.

Meri Brown's Business Could Face Trademark IssuesShe’s more focused on herself these days. Even though the TLC star hasn’t had much luck in the love department, she’s still hopeful. Meri Brown admitted that she’s open to finding love again. She has a positive spin on her life.

Over the years, Meri teased her new Worthy Up business. In 2022, she went hiking in the mountains. She shared videos about being “worthy.” In 2023, Meri started using the hashtag #worthyup.

She recently revealed the meaning behind the name. Author Jamie Kern Lima writes books that empower women to transform their lives.

One of her books is titled Worthy How to Believe You Are Enough and Transform Your Life. Meri was so inspired by the book that she snapped a photo of herself with it on Instagram.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Star Faces Trademark Dilemma?

Meri Brown explained the book to her fans. The book was released in February 2024. It came out months before she announced her new venture. However, Meri claims she came up with the “Worthy Up” name before the book’s release.

The reality star admitted that she “shrunk a little inside.” Meri debated on whether she should use the name. Meri didn’t want to be accused of copying the author. She then decided to move forward and use the name anyway.

“I couldn’t help but come back to how impactful my experience was to me in creating the name and idea for the Worthy Up movement,” Meri Brown concluded.

What are your thoughts on Meri Brown’s new business? Do you think she’ll face trademark issues? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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