Sister Wives Big Lies That Ultimately Led To The Mass Separation

Fans Point Out the ‘Sister Wives’ Brown Family “Big Lies” That Ultimately Led To The Mass SeparationThe former ‘Sister Wives’ Meri, Christine and Janelle – and Robyn Brown have given us their theories on why the plural marriage disintegrated – from the pandemic showing a real disconnect in the family to Kody’s alpha attitude and a lot more – but now fans are ready to follow their own clues and solve the big mystery by themselves.

How is it possible for a man to maintain four wives for many years, only to lose three of them in quick succession? Fans have answers and you might need cocoa for this.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fans Share Theories On Why The Brown Family Broke Apart

For years, fans have held on to the theory that Kody Brown’s favorite wife is his last wife, Robyn Brown, who also happens to be his only legal one as he was able to swindle Meri, his first, to divorce him so he can legally bring Robyn into the family.

But that’s not the clue the fans are catching on to. A recently revisted ‘Sister Wives’ clip showed Kody claiming that he personally picked out Robyn’s wedding dress for the big day. However, more footage showed Robyn denying this.

Fans caught up to this “lie,” with one sharing on Reddit, “#1 secret that ruined the Brown plural family from start…I feel from the beginning Robyn and Kody’s wedding dress lie set the pace for the rest of what was to come in that family. These two joined forces right from the beginning.. no getting over that massive disrespect and slap in the wife’s faces. Do you have any other lies or problems that set that family on the road to divorce?”

Fans then hopped on to share their own views on why the Brown family structure crumbled.

One fan reasoned: “…Now I personally believe that Robyn didn’t come into the family exactly the way we were told. I don’t believe Meri spotted her first and encouraged Kody. These people have lied to us about lots of things so take everything they say with a grain of salt…, Robyn and Kody showed themselves, their motivations, and frankly, their *sses when they did this bullsh*t.”

Another Reddit user wrote, “If you watch just season 1-3 closely they change the story of how they met Robyn multiple times. They lied the entire time!”

While another agreed with the observation, writing, “Even where they met changes. They were at a friend’s house, they were at a dance, they were at church. Considering they lived 5 hours away from each other I’m gonna venture that they didn’t meet in the wild.”

So if you ask fans, we should take everything we see and hear in TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ with a grain of salt. But if you were to share your thoughts, what would you say was the first catalyst to Kody losing three of his four wives?

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