Kody Brown Finally Admits His Faults

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is finally admitting his faults. He admitted he hasn’t been a good husband to his wives. Sort of. The initial concept of the TLC series was to show Browns exploring a plural marriage.

That deteriorated over the years. Kody favored Robyn Brown over his other wives. He ended up losing three of them. Fans called him everything under the sun, including narcissistic. Is Kody admitting his faults? Read on to learn more.

What Happened to Kody Brown

Season 1 Kody Brown is different from the person he is today. He was more positive and loving toward his wives. That all changed when he introduced Robyn into the family. At the time, Kody was in a marriage with Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown.

Kody Brown Finally Admits His FaultsHe was in the process of courting Robyn. Sister Wives noticed that he became more rude and cold to his other wives. His sudden outbursts and arguments with his other wives raised eyebrows. Some wondered if Kody’s antics were for the sake of keeping the show going.

Eventually, all that fighting took a toll on his family. Christine and Kody Brown divorced in November 2021. Janelle Brown left him after their explosive argument over the family holiday plans.

Meri Brown was the last one to leave Kody. They didn’t argue. She just realized she was no longer a part of the plural family.

Kody Brown – Admits His Faults

One fan took to Reddit to share the moment when Kody Brown admitted his faults. He shared that he’s a bit of an “a-hole” to his wives.

The original poster wrote, “Yes, Kody, we do.” They included a clip of Kody acting out of rage. In the three-second clip, he said, “Oh, you think I’m an a**hole? I’ll show you an a**hole!”

He threatens to turn into the person that people think he is. This shows the viewers that he’s aware of the criticism about him. Kody admitted that he’s become a “devil” over the years.

He infamously utters the line, “I should just be the devil I think I am now.” Fans took to the thread to share their thoughts.

“He’s finally becoming self-aware,” one fan wrote.

“Oh, Kody. Don’t worry. You show us with great consistency,” another user noted.

“Yeah, Kody, we think you’re an a**hole,” a third user wrote.

What are your thoughts on Kody Brown admitting his faults? Do you think he’s finally becoming more self-aware? Or, do you think it’s all an act? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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