Aunt Deanna Comments On Jill Dillard’s Book

When the book that Jill Dillard wrote launched on September 12, TLC fans were excited and now it turns out that so was her aunt, Deanna Duggar. Some family members talked about Counting The Cost already, but this week, cousin Amy and her mom revealed that they also got the book.

Jinger Vuolo – Already Commented On The Book By Jill Dillard

Jinger became a bestseller and so did her sister. However, the books seem quite different. Jinger steered clear of telling all about her mom and dad. Additionally, when Tamron Hall spoke with her, she seemed reluctant to comment on the actual contents of the book by her sister. Instead, she talked about how she admired her because it was “hard” to open up.

Jill Dillard mentioned her brother Josh Duggar in her book. Taking her fans back to the days of his molestation, she seemed angry that her mom and dad didn’t sort his problem out as a teenager. Angrily, after he was convicted for CSAM, she wrote, “[I felt] sad that Josh had become such a monster… Actually, her aunt Deanna and her cousin Amy previously expressed similar sentiments.

Aunt Deanna Comments On Jill Dillard's Book

Deanna Duggar – Comments On The Book By Jill Dillard

On September 25, Deanna shared a photo of herself with Amy and her cousin. Both of them held the book that her niece wrote. In her caption, she told her followers, “Congrats to Jill, and Derick! I read the book last night, and early morning!” As a kicker to her shout-out, she added, “The book is definitely one you need to read! ✝️❤️🎉”

Aunt Deanna Comments Of Jill Dillard's Book
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While it took a bit of time for her shout-out about Jill Dillard’s book, she clearly enjoyed reading it. Other people who read or listened to it also seemed impressed. Many of them took to the comments of the Instagram post to share their feelings.

Counting On – Fans React

Jill Dillard fans love to shout her out as well. One of them said, “Listened to tell her truth on audio the first 4.5 hours the book was out! Beautifully, gracefully, and respectfully told. I’m sure there were many triggers for her but finding her voice hopefully made it made worth it. We all love and respect you Jill!”

Meanwhile, others who wait for their books to arrive just “can’t wait” for them to arrive.

What are your thoughts about Deanna Duggar sounding so pleased with the book that her niece wrote? Are you happy that she took the time to shout it out? Let us know your feelings in the comments below.

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