Jill Dillard Calls Josh Duggar Her ‘Abuser’ In Her Book

Jill Dillard wrote a book titled Counting The Cost and it already hit the shelves. In her book, she talked about her brother Josh Duggar, and called him her “abuser.” Additionally, she talked about how he stole her “innocence” and “evil” entered her little world.

Jill Dillard – Opens Up About Josh Duggar

Two years ago, the news arrived that the molestation of his sisters would be allowed in the trial of Josh for possession of CSAM content. Of course, it’s old news that he serves 12 years in prison for his crime, but according to his sister, he probably won’t learn much from it. In Counting The Cost, she describes him as “unable to control himself, totally detached from the reality of how deeply he was hurting others.”

Jill Dillard touched on the fact that the conviction of her brother helped her lawsuit fail and that poured more coals on the fire. Actually, some Counting On fans believe that she might have been the whistle-blower to her parents about Josh’s behavior. In the book, she used the word “abuser” when she talked about how he damaged the lives of innocent people.

Jill Dillard: Calls Josh Duggar Her 'Abuser' In Her BookJill Dillard – Calls Out Josh’s Behavior

On Instagram, Without A Crystal Ball shared some contents of the book. Katie Joy cited the Duggar daughter as saying:

[I was] Sad that Josh had become such a monster, sad that even with all the chances Josh had been given to change, he had thrown them away as he continued down a dark, terrible road. Like the rest of the world, I was finally able to see my eldest brother for what he was…”

Jill Dillard Calls Josh Duggar Her 'Abuser' In Her Book
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Jill Dillard also talked about the trial and she claimed that she “wanted to know the truth.” Furthermore, she hoped that her brother would end up behind bars “for a very long time.” She added, “I felt anger at what he’d done—so much anger it burned. He had hurt innocent children by his actions, and then continued to avoid responsibility. I felt sad, too.”

Jill Dillard – ‘A Dark And Terrible Road’

Jill Dillard wrote about how Josh seemed uncaring about any of his actions and that he got plenty of chances to reform.  In her recollection, she used the word “monster” to explain how she views Josh. Obviously, the Counting On alum misses the days when innocence permeated her life. She talked about how her life changed when there were just “eight” children in the Duggar family.

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