1000-LB: Tammy Slaton Caught Faking Scene

1000-LB star Tammy Slaton was caught faking a scene. It took place during a girl’s trip. Yet, fans noticed the difference between this new scene and the original one. She ditched her sister Amy Slaton Halterman. Keep on reading to learn more.

Tammy Slaton – Staged A Scene Without Amy Slaton Halterman.

1000-LB star Tammy Slaton is known for her iconic line. Fans recall this scene very well. It’s been re-edited without her sister Amy Slaton Halterman. TLC fans are annoyed that the show is faking things once again.

Tammy replaced her sister with a new best friend. Haley Michelle shared a shot of herself with the reality star. The two ladies went on a girls’ trip. Most fans are happy to see Tammy enjoying life with a new friend by her side.

1000-LB: Tammy Slaton Caught Faking SceneHowever, others argued that Haley was using Tammy for clout and questioned the authenticity of their newfound friendship.

Tammy Slaton has been spending a lot of time with Haley Michelle. They even staged a new scene that had 1000-LB fans buzzing.

After their trip, Tammy re-edited a new scene with her new side kicked. TLC fans wondered why she would stage a new scene.

They recall when Tammy was in a relationship with Andrea. It’s unclear what happened to their relationship. Instead, she’s become attached to her new best friend.

The two have gotten cozy lately, it’s gotten to the point where fans wonder if they are more than friends. Some even asked what happened to Andrea.

Original Scene From 1000-Lb Sisters

The new scene features Tammy Slaton and Haley Michelle by the lake. The original scene didn’t take place at a certain location. It included the same lines, with Haley playing the part of Amy.

Tammy snapped at Haley saying, “Try being my size, Amy.” The iconic scene from the original went viral on social media.

One TikToker shared the differences between the original and new scenes. Haley even reposted it to her Instagram Stories. Fans are impressed with this new scene. Most of them took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

“Tammy, NOTHING is stronger than blood. You pulled some ‘big a** BS’ and your sister still kept trying to help you. You will regret disrespecting Amy. Sad,” one user responded.

“I just don’t think this ‘friend’ would’ve had Tammy’s back at her lowest/heaviest. Just my intuition!” another user mused.

Tammy Slaton lost over 400 pounds. What are your thoughts on her staging the scene with her new BFF? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more 1000-LB Sisters spoilers, news, and updates.

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