Will Josh Duggar’s Sentence Ever Be Overturned?

Duggar Family News: Will Josh Duggar's Sentence Ever Be Overturned?Duggar family news reveals that there are some questions about Josh Duggar’s sentence and if it would ever be overturned.

Duggar went to prison after some child pornography was found on his computers and phones at his used car dealership.

He has suggested multiple times that his employees were at fault for the materials being found there, but they have all denied even using these items while at work.

There are some diehard fans of the Duggars who still stand up for Josh and they are interested to see if he will get a new trial the way that Harvey Weinstein did. Let’s take a deeper look at the charges against Josh and if this case will ever be overturned.

Duggar’s – Trial And Testimonies

When Duggar went to court for these charges, there were multiple witnesses called to testify. Bobye Holt, who has always been close to the Duggar family, brought up the fact that Josh had confessed to molesting his sisters and other girls when he was a teenager.

The judge and jury knew that this was part of Josh’s past, but they were more concerned about the child pornography that was found.

Duggar had plenty of people in his life writing letters to the judge, however, some of the letters were all about how Josh does have a sex addiction and should not be let out until he serves enough time to fully grasp what he has done.

Even though others begged the judge not to put Josh in prison, he is still serving the 12-year sentence in Texas.

Redditors Weigh In

Redditors who watched 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On have started to weigh in about the Duggars and what will be next for Josh. One brought up Weinstein and his case being overturned.

They also believe that when Holt testified against Duggar, that “may have been the nail in his coffin, and contributed to a longer sentence, but I think the jury would have convicted anyway.”

Another Redditor, who said they were a lawyer told Duggar fans that Josh can’t refile for another appeal anytime soon. They said that he only gets one chance at it, and he has blown that one already.

These Redditors feel as if Josh and Weinstein’s cases aren’t much different, but it looks as if Duggar may not get the same treatment that Weinstein has.

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