Duggar Family News: Did Amy King Just Wish Torture On Josh Duggar?

Duggar family news reveals that Amy King has started to talk more about her cousin, Josh Duggar.

Amy has never backed down when it comes to sharing her feelings about Josh and why he went to prison. Josh was arrested for possession of child pornography and is serving time in a Texas prison until October of 2032.

He has been denied on his appeals quite a few times and now it looks as if Amy has some strong opinions on what she thinks Josh has coming to him. Let’s find out more.

Duggar Family News – Amy King Shares Her True Feelings

Amy has never been one to keep her feelings inside. She recently spoke out about her famous cousin and told fans, “I hope every day there is absolute torture for him.

I really hope that because what he watched and what he was viewing for his own fulfillment is those kids experiencing torture. He deserves every second in there, and I hope he gets a longer term. I hope he messes up again.”

Duggar Family News: Did Amy King Just Wish Torture On Josh Duggar?After Josh was arrested, Amy was one of the first members of the Duggar family to share her real thoughts about Josh and the charges brought against him.

Amy may not have always been a big part of the Duggar family and she always felt that she was the black sheep of the family. She did spend a lot of time with her family and was featured on 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On.

However, now that she has grown up and started her own family, things seem a lot different. She has stood up for herself and some of her cousins, but Josh isn’t one of them.

Duggar Family News – Josh Duggar’s Marriage And Children

When Josh was arrested, the Duggars were all shocked. A few of them were open about how they felt about the arrest, while others, including his parents, have always had his back.

His wife, Anna Duggar has seven children to take care of now and she has been off of social media ever since.

Josh has a history of sex addiction and even as a teenager, he was caught sexually assaulting young girls, including a few of his sisters. His parents swept it under the rug, but it clearly came back to bite them.

As of right now, Josh has some family supporting him, however, Amy is not one of them. She knows how she feels about Josh and his past and isn’t afraid to share it with the public.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Duggar Family News right now. Come back here often for Duggar Family News spoilers, news, and updates.

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