Jinger Vuolo Comments On Jill Dillard’s Book

Counting On alums Jinger Vuolo and her sister, Jill Dillard both wrote books about growing up as Duggars. This week, after Jill’s book launch, Jinger spoke with Tamron Hall and made some comments about Counting The Cost. So, what did she have to say about it? You have come to the right place to find out.

Jill Dillard & Jinger Vuolo – Broke Free

When Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets arrived on Amazon Prime, Jinger didn’t appear in the docuseries. At the time, she preferred telling her story in her own way. So instead, she wrote and published her book titled, Becoming Free, Indeed. Meanwhile, her sister appeared in the show and she spilled some sad news about growing up under the tenets of Bill Gothard’s Institute In Basic Life Principles (IBLP).

Even the producers of the docuseries were unaware that Jill Dillard had written a book. However, she did, and Simon and Schuster moved up the launch date to September 2023 instead of January 2024. Possibly, they did that because there was a lot of interest by the public. Also, Jinger Vuolo’s book did well and became a top seller. This week, Tamron Hall talked with Jinger to get her reactions to Jill’s book

Jinger Vuolo: Comments On Jill Dillard's BookJinger Vuolo – Comments On Counting The Cost

Tamron Hall’s interview with Jeremy and Jinger took place and it arrived on YouTube shortly thereafter. Tamron opened up the discussion when she quoted the book as talking about an almost physical confrontation when Jim Bob Duggar had gotten aggressive. In the book, it talked about how the Counting On Patriarch allegedly loomed over his daughter, furious and accusatory.

Jinger Vuolo Comments On Jill Dillards Book
Jill SDllard / Instagram

Jill Dillard had fired back at her father, accusing him of thinking that she was “a horrible person,” and all because she sometimes wore “pants and a nose ring.” She added, that her dad treated her like “a prodigal” and “worse than her “pedophile brother.” 

Jill Dillard & Jinger Vuolo – What Did Her Sister Say About That Scene?

Did Jinger agree that her father was likely to act that way, as Jill Dillard claimed? Well, Jinger said that she loves Jill and she admires and supports her. Additionally, she talked about how “hard it is to open up.”  She said, “I’m so glad that she’s been able to  up and communicate what’s been in her heart all these years.”

While she wouldn’t confirm the scene that her sister wrote about actually happened, Jinger did say that writing about “these family things is so hard.”

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