Jailed Josh Duggar Ignored OR Consoled By Family On 34th Birthday?! Find Out!

Josh Duggar Josh Duggar currently sits in solitary confinement behind bars. But as the oldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar awaits his child pornography sentencing hearing, he also waited to see who would console him on his 34th birthday. For instance, would Josh’s wife, Anna Duggar, manage to send the husband of their seven kids a cake? Or might one of his brothers who starred with him on the now-defunct reality TV show, “19 Kids And Counting,” succeed in sending a happy birthday card? 

Find out who snubbed Josh on his birthday in the circle of Duggar family and friends. And see what critics believe about what the disgraced reality TV star deserves: A pity party… or a cake?! Learn all about Josh on his 34th birthday below. 

Josh Duggar Awaits ‘Tough’ 34th Birthday

When “19 Kids And Counting” first aired on TLC, viewers watched Duggar matriarch Michelle Duggar make certain all her children enjoyed special events like birthdays. And of course that included her golden oldest son, Josh. But then came the allegations that Josh had molested underage girls, including some of his sisters. Some thought that would mark the end of the Duggar family’s TV reign. But TLC crafted a spin-off, “Counting On,” that excluded Josh. 

In the wake of Josh’s child pornography scandal, though, TLC finally cancelled “Counting On.” As a result, followers have turned to social media and news reports to keep up with the clan. And we now know how Josh feels about turning 34 behind bars. One of his friends told Fox News that the “19 Kids And Counting” alum seeks to stay strong and turn to his religious faith. 

But at the same time, admitted Josh’s pal, the disgraced TLC star struggles with life in jail. Josh has remained in the Washington County Detention Center since a jury ruled him guilty of child pornography charges in December. And with his sentencing scheduled for April 5, he recognizes that life could get even more challenging.

“I do think he’s staying strong, but anybody is going to struggle through tough times like that,” summed up Josh’s friend. “He’s going to have to count on his faith and also the faith of his family to be there with him, and they will be,” insisted the insider. But did any representatives of that supposedly faithful Duggar clan find a way to help Josh celebrate his 34th birthday?

Jailed Josh Duggar Gets Pity Party On 34th Birthday?

On Thursday, Josh Duggar officially turned 34. And as the former reality TV star sat behind bars, Josh may have contrasted his solitary birthday with previous years. As his friend explained, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar made a point throughout their lives of celebrating special family occasions.

“When you have a birthday with [the Duggar patriarch and matriarch] and you keep it to just family, it’s like 30 to 40 people,” pointed out the insider. As a result, Josh experienced a “sad day” when he turned 34 alone. And the source didn’t see that changing in the near future.

“Every day is going to be a sad day for him,” added the source. “He has children, a wife, he has a family, and he doesn’t get to see them, so his birthday is going to be tough. Every day has got to be tough. That’s going to be part of what he has to go through as he goes through this.”

But some followers pointed out that throwing a pity party for the disgraced reality TV star seems more appropriate than a true birthday celebration! Given that a jury ruled the now-34-year-old guilty on one count each of receiving and possessing child pornography, these critics feel that Josh deserves his challenges.  And Josh’s entire “Counting On” clan seem to agree, per the Sun. The jailhouse authorities also concurred, declining to give Josh any type of special birthday meal or allow visitors. 

Ultimately, the entire Duggar family including Anna reportedly snubbed the disgraced reality TV star on his birthday. As a result, Josh sat alone throughout the day, looking at as long as 20 years in prison and fines of up to $250,000 for each guilty count when he’s sentenced. Tell us what you think about how Josh Duggar reportedly celebrated his 34th birthday. Do you agree with those who think he deserved more of a pity party than a cake? And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news!

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