Sister Wives Spoilers: Are Robyn And Kody Brown Being Sued By Janelle?

Sister Wives Spoilers reveal that fans have been wondering where Janelle Brown is lately and what she has been up to. Janelle hasn’t been seen a great deal since her son Garrison Brown died earlier this year. Before Garrison’s death, there were questions about Janelle’s estate since her property was tied to Robyn and Kody. Fans seem to believe that Janelle has decided to sue for her share.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown Has Always Been One Of The Bread Winners

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Janelle has always been one of the workers of the family. She would work during the day while Christine Brown took care of the children.

Janelle also put herself through college and even became a real estate agent as well. Janelle wanted to work outside the home for the good of the family.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Are Robyn And Kody Brown Being Sued By Janelle?Janelle has always helped to add to the family funds, money used by all of the wives for anything they needed. Janelle helped with food storage too. Janelle has lived in several different situations for the good of the family.

However, others have not been willing to make some of the sacrifices that Janelle has. Janelle even lived in an RV to save money.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Is Janelle Brown Suing For What Is Rightfully Hers?

Some Redditors got ahold of the information that Janelle may be suing Kody and Robyn.

Someone posted a copy of a post from a Facebook page that hints that Janelle may be suing her former husband and sister wife. It seems that Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown all have ties to Coyote pass.

Christine had equity in her house that she could use to herself to move out of Arizona and establish herself in Utah near her family. Christine gave her stock in Coyote Pass to the family just to get away.

Janelle had no property that just belonged to her because her name is on Coyote Pass property with the others. Janelle had not estate at all for her or her kids.

Sister Wives Spoilers – What Do Fans Have To Say About The Suit?

Things have changed a great deal since Garrison Brown’s death, especially for Janelle.

Janelle has seen how she and her children were treated and perhaps she has decided to settle this through legal means this time.

After all, Janelle also so how Meri was treated either considering the amount of money she put into that property.

One fan posted, “I could see this being true. Janelle was obviously rightfully PISSED about her financial situation. If I were her I’d sue for every penny including the child support Kody probably didn’t pay for Savannah before she turned 18. Imagine watching your husband live in a mansion with his other wife while you live in a crappy apartment.”

Another said, “I think Janelle would rather sleep under the stars. Living in the RV and the small apartment wasn’t about not having a place to live. It was by choice. She was showing by example what you do if you really want to pay off CP and build there – you prioritize it. You don’t buy a McMansion or waste money renting big houses.”

Whatever the case, Janelle may have decided she needs to fight for what is rightfully hers after years with Kody. Will Janelle get what she deserves?

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