Josh Duggar, Dad Of Seven Kids Turns 34 Years Old Behind Bars

Josh DuggaJosh Duggar sits behind bars awaiting his sentencing for possession of child pornography. Well, he had a quiet Christmas with no frills. Now, he celebrated his 34th birthday behind bars without his wife Anna and seven kids. Whilst he appeals his conviction, it is quite possible that this will be the first of many birthdays with little to celebrate.

Josh Duggar – Appeals His Conviction

Counting On fans look forward to the sentencing of Josh on April 5. However, he currently appeals the outcome and called on the courts for a retrial or even a waiver of any jail time. Recently, he even called his conviction by the jury “unconstitutional.” Well, 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On fans seem very unsympathetic. After all, some very disturbing footage emerged during his trial. Plus, he already admitted that he molested his minor sisters years ago. So, not too many people care that he celebrated his birthday behind bars this year.

At the moment Josh Duggar is still in the news. Tabloids love stories that help to present him as a creepazoid. Recently, video footage emerged of his cousin Amy coaching him on how to kiss his bride. On Reddit, folks thought he looked and sounded overly keen as he kept licking his lips while he stared at Amy’s mouth. He simply seemed creepy and almost salivating for the chance to lock lips. Well, there was no lip-locking happening on March 3 on his 34th birthday.

Josh Duggar – Gets No Special Birthday Treatment

According to The Sun, Josh got nobody rocking up singing “Happy Birthday” and showering him with cuddles and gifts. Certainly, it seems like he had just another normal day in lockup. The outlet contacted the facility and asked about it. Well, they reported that the info came back that for the staff and prisoners, a birthday is just another day. They noted: “The jail doesn’t do anything special for inmate birthdays.” Then, because of covid, nobody can pop in for a visit.

Josh Duggar

Even a nice meal didn’t appear on the menu for Johs Duggar as the inmates eat to a prepared menu and that seems quite varied anyway. Probably, Anna called the 90 Kids and Counting alum as he is allowed one hour a day to receive video calls. Perhaps the ex-TLC couple talked about how he might win his appeal and be free to go about his business one day. Fans know that Anna is convinced that her hubby would never do anything disgusting like downloading videos showing little kids being sexually abused.

Josh Duggar – Parcels Can Be Purchased

Josh Duggar possibly got some nice packages of treats to eat on his birthday from fans and family who can buy them through the holding facility.

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