Todd Chrisley Urges Fans To be More Like Russell Wilson And Ciara

Todd Chrisley Todd Chrisley, the patriarch of Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley on the USA Network often talks about Christianity. Mind you, some of the directions that the shows take, make fans scratch their head a bit. This week, he took to Instagram and talked about Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks’ famous quarterback. He also mentioned his wife, Ciara, the famous R&B and rap music star.

Todd Chrisley Often Pushes Christianity

The dad of Lindsie, Kyle, Savannah, Chase, and Grayson quite often posts up about living a Christian life. Well, the comedian often gets fans a bit confused, as he apparently doesn’t spend too much time praying for those people who annoy him. For example, he seems determined to take blogger Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball down. Their ongoing feud resulted in him vowing that his lawsuit against her will definitely go ahead. Additionally, fans scratch their head over Lindsie and Todd, who both claim to be Christians, but they can’t settle their estrangement issues.

Todd Chrisley came under fire from some fans in September. They wondered about the show exploring things like the occult. That came when a Season 9 teaser of Chrisley Knows Best revealed Nanny Faye dressed up as a fortune teller. In the past, they also saw her consult with a tarot reader. Sometimes, fans of Todd slam critics who find fault. They remind them that Christians are not perfect. Then, they slam critics for judging others. Well, what did fans think this week, when Todd shared about people being more like Russell Wilson and Ciara?

Todd Chrisley Wants You To Be More Like Russell Wilson & Ciara

On Thursday, October 7, the TV star took to his Instagram and shared a photo of Russell Wilson and Ciara. It revealed them praying in a church setting. In his caption, Todd wrote, “Now this is what we all need to be doing, not just for ourselves but those we don’t like, those we don’t know.” Additionally, he talked about doing it for “those that don’t think they need it.” Finally, he noted, “if it’s good enough for @ciara and @dangerusswilson it should be good enough for the rest of us.”

Many fans liked what Todd Chrisley said about Russell and Ciara. One fan wrote, “God wants us all to pray, talk to him every day and get closer in our relationship with him. Pray in gratitude ? for peace and strength. We will get through this storm together. ???✝️✝️✝️.” Then, more Christian followers also wrote similar stuff.

Todd Chrisley Urges Fans To be More Like Russell Wilson And Ciara

Another person in favor of the post wrote, “this way these two are strong togetherTheir love will last a lifetime ❤️❤️❤️?.”

Other Comments From Followers

Todd Chrisley always finds naysayers on his posts, especially when he talks about religion. One of them gave the post a big thumbs-down, writing, “them damn people don’t believe in no d*mn Jesus. These celebrities sell their souls for what they have. You sheep believe this is real.”

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