Royal Family News: Kate Middleton Leading The Way On Improving Early Childhood Development

06/19/2021British royal family news divulges that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge is taking action on important early childhood development matters.

Today she spoke to a group of experts at The London School of Economics to reveal the debut report of her new Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.

Royal Family News – Kate Middleton Wows The Crowd

Kate stated that there is not an easy answer to solving childhood inequities but said that there is hope for the future generations of changemakers.

Afterward Kate stopped at Kensington Palace where she spoke to the parents who have collaborated with her in a bid to better understand the importance of supporting parents during the early years of children’s lives.

Kate said she her goal for the new institution is to make it, “more common to speak about emotions and feelings,” and said she was “really excited” to present The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood whose mission is shedding light on the impact of the early years in for the health of society as a whole.

Royal Family News – Kate Middleton Is Doing Great Things For Society

She added, “So my hope today, through the report and through this new center, to show that change really needs to happen, and the time for action is now. Because I feel that this is the social equivalent of climate change, where we followed the science for many, many years. And that is what we have to do with early childhood development if we want to build a happier, heathier world. The more we learn about early childhood and the first five years of life the greater imperative it is to act.”

The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood will focus on promoting and commissioning high-quality research to increase knowledge and inform best practices. It will also engage people from across the private, public and voluntary sectors to find new solutions to enduring issues.

Royal Family News – There Is A New Foundation To Be Excited About

The group’s inaugural report, Big Change Starts Small, was developed with the LSE and Harvard University. It places important research in one location and highlights the impact of the early years on not just individuals but on the world at large.

Last week Kate and the US First Lady Jill Biden visited a school to learn firsthand how its pupils are supported through an Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Biden was in Cornwall for the G7 Summit.

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