90 Day Fiance Star Caleb Loses His Shine Super-Fast With TLC Fans

90 Day Fiance': Caleb Greenwood90 Day Fiance fans seemed very approving of Caleb and Alina ahead of Season 5 of Before The 90 Days. He comes from Arizona, and she hails from Russia. For once, TLC brought in some stars looking for love who sounded really interesting. Well, it seemed from the start, that the couple might firmly land up as fan-favorites. However, it didn’t take long for Caleb to lose his shine.

90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers – Before The 90 Days Fans Go Off Caleb & Alina

The new season brought back Usman a.k.a Sojaboy. TLC fans were unhappy with that. After all, he split from Lisa Hamme, an older woman. But, now he appears with Kim, close to her in age. Critics can’t help but feel that he’s after her money or an opportunity to get to USA for his music career. Actually, he describes himself as a recognized and popular rapper, but before the TLC show, nobody outside of Nigeria ever heard of him. Then, along came Ella, who fan already agree is just there for her fetish for Asian men.

90 Day Fiance fans rather liked the sound of Caleb and Alina. She seemed very sweet, and he seemed like a nice man who wouldn’t mess her around. Unfortunately, soon after the premiere, fans decided that Alina, a singer and model from Russia might just use the show for fame. Redditors slammed her and those who think she’s marvelous. One of them wrote, “Just as fame thirsty as everyone else on the show.” Additionally, one person felt that fans don’t criticize her simply because of her disabilities.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers – Caleb Greenwood Loses His Shine

Alina is a little person. Our Teen Trends reported that she sometimes has to use a wheelchair. So, her dad sent her bestie with her to help with mobility issues. Everyone agreed that Caleb seemed like the kind of person who would be kind and patient and loving. So, hopes were high for a genuine love story. However, that crashed and burned when fans saw their initial meetup. Supposedly in love for years online, it didn’t seem that way. So, fans took to the teaser on Instagram to have their say.

90 Day Fiance Star Caleb Loses His Shine Super-Fast With TLC Fans

90 Day Fiance fans didn’t like the way the meetup went down. One of them wrote, “Well I don’t think he is gonna see this through just the meeting alone was uncomfortable to watch.” Then another fan noted, “I never got a good vibe from him. He is a very good looking guy, but i see [a] cold heart behind his look. On other hand, Alina …has a lot on her plate and beautiful inside out. She doesn’t need this. It’s going to be too much for him and sadly, she will get her heart broken. ?”

90 Day Fiance Spoilers – Other Fans Like That At Least, He’s Honest

90 Day Fiance fans didn’t all criticize Caleb, although the majority of them already wrote him off. One of them said, “He is honest?.”  Still, plenty of other claimed that the couple simply doesn’t have any “chemistry.”

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