Neighbours Spoilers: Ned And Yashvi Break Up After Heated Confrontation

Ned Willis (Ben Hall)

After weeks of manipulation by Scarlett Brady (Christie Whelan Browne), Ned Willis (Ben Hall) and Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) will decide to end their relationship.

When Ned met Scarlett during a delay at Sydney airport, she fell in love instantly. But what viewers saw, that Ned did not, is that Scarlett’s obsession with Ned was immediately unhealthy and corrupt.

So when she arrived in Erinsborough, watchers knew that there was trouble ahead –and they were right. On her first day, she sent a man to hospital in order to work with Ned. Since then, she has done anything she can to get in between Ned and his girlfriend – even electrocuting Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson)!

Neighbours Spoilers – Scarlett Brady Will Get Exactly What She Wants

Next week Scarlett gets what she wants when she manages to convince Ned to take a break from his relationship with Yashvi. Even though Ned is keeping his distance, Scarlett still targets her. She will use his previous relationship with Bea to make her appear as irrational and jealous.

To do so, Scarlett begins by telling Ned that she is being stalked by her violent ex-boyfriend. Trying to be a good friend and decent man, Ned offers to stay on the couch overnight to keep an eye on her. She initially tries to seduce him, but when she sees a text from Yashvi on Ned’s phone saying that she’s coming over, she makes the most of the opportunity.

Ned is asleep on the sofa, topless after taking a swim. Joining him, Scarlett strips down to just her bikini and positions herself under his arm, without waking him up. When Yashvi arrives, she is devastated to see them both half naked and asleep.

Neighbours Spoilers – Ned Willis Tired Of Yashvi Rebecchi’s Drama

Yashvi is too upset at the moment so flees, but later confronts Ned about what she saw. Of course, as Ned was asleep the whole time he has no idea what she’s talking about, especially as Scarlett moved before he woke up.

For this reason, he tells Yashvi that he’s sick of her making a drama out of everything and can’t let go of her jealousy. In retaliation, Yashvi tells Ned that she cannot be with somebody who she doesn’t trust. Then she tells him they’re over for good.

Has Scarlett finally gotten what she wants? Find out by tuning into Neighbours from next week!

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