Neighbours Spoilers: Roxy And Mark Caught Out — Who Will Catch Them In A Compromising Position?

Neighbours - Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson)

After managing to keep it quiet for weeks, Mark and Roxy’s dirty secret is finally out.

At the moment the only other person who knows about Roxy and Mark is Harlow, although Mark doesn’t know that. But someone else is about to catch them red-handed.

Viewers will watch next week as the scenes between Mark and Roxy get even hotter. They’ve already used honey for their pleasure, but this time Roxy convinces Mark to use his handcuffs as they get intimate.

Neighbours Spoilers: Things Turn Freaky Between Mark And Roxy

As the pair get hot and heavy, and Mark ends up being handcuffed to the coffee table. However, things quickly take a turn when Roxy can’t find the key to unlock him! She frantically searches the house but can’t find anything, so turns to Harlow for help as a last resort. The only thing she can think of is to use bolt cutters to cut Mark free, so Roxy asks her cousin Ned if he has any.

He’s happy to help but is intrigued when she won’t actually tell him what they’re for, even when he presses her on the matter – it could be dangerous after all. Sneakily, Ned decides to follow Roxy and Harlow to see what they’re up to.

Neighbours Spoilers– Who Helps Mark And Roxy Out?

Roxy arrives to free Mark, who is shocked to see that Harlow is with her and knows everything. Not long after the three of them are shocked by Ned turning up and becoming the second person to discover Mark and Roxy’s secret.

Roxy immediately worries that Mark will call their fling off, while Mark is worried about everyone else in Erinsborough finding out about him and Roxy.

Ned promises that he won’t say anything. But will it stay a secret for long?

Tune into Neighbours from next week to find out!

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