Coronation Street Spoilers: Tina O’Brien Hints It’s Really Over Between Sarah And Gary And Teased A New Romance

Coronation Street Spoilers-- (Sarah Platt) and Gary Windass (Mikey North)

Tina O’Brien, who is known for her role as Sarah Platt on “Coronation Street,” suggested that her alter ego’s breakup with Gary Windass (Mikey North) is permanent. Spoilers revealed that her character will share an intimate kiss with Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson).

O’Brien hinted that “there’s no going back” for her character. Although she cares for Gary in a way that she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings and is sad about their breakup, her character is ready to move on.

O’Brien explained, “I love working with Mikey North, so every time Sarah and Gary were on the rocks we would joke that we wanted Sarah and Gary to work things out. But I think this time, there’s no going back for Sarah,” per Digital Spy.

Coronation Street Spoilers– Sarah Is Caught Between Two Men

Her character is definitely not pleased to be caught in the middle of two men who both want to be with her. “She is trying to be respectful to Gary, but at the same time, she doesn’t want Adam to think she still has feelings for Gary. Sarah is also enjoying being more cheeky and so much more flirty with Adam. I love the dynamic between Gary and Adam because there’s so much tension.”

Viewers may recall that Sarah still stood by Gary after he confessed about his loan shark ordeal. He reassures her that he’s paid his debts and will no longer keep any secret from her. However, Sarah makes a shocking discovery that “Rick the loan shark” was in her house and felt horrified that the dangerous gangster was in their home with her son.

Coronation Street Spoilers– Sarah And Gary Are Over For Good!

She felt disgusted with Gary and decided to break up with him. Gary pleads for another chance but given O’Brian’s statement, it is safe to assume that Gary and Sarah are over.

He’ll surely feel hurt once Gary finds out that Sarah is ready to move on with Adam. However, he’ll face a lot worse than that when the authorities find out that it was he who caused the Underworld roof collapse.

After two months of trying to figure out who the cunning saboteur was, it’s finally revealed that Gary was the culprit. Last week, Gary listened to the voicemail he left for Sarah where he confessed everything he did. He’s still safe for now since he managed to delete the message but his villainous acts may not yet over.

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