Emmerdale Spoilers: Ellis Chapman In Fear Of Another Attack After Stabbing Incident — Panic Attack Leads To Murder?

The drama continues on “Emmerdale” as Ellis Chapman (Asan N’Jie) lives in fear of another violent attack following a previous stabbing incident. The recent Big Night Out storyline revealed that Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) wasn’t the culprit, but two of his brother’s enemies were responsible for what happened to him. After the revelation, Ellis is now afraid that Max (Jordan Reece), who is another enemy of Billy, is out to get him.

Ellis remains terrified despite Aaron Dingle’s (Danny Miller) assurance. Aaron tells Billy about Ellis’ fears, which prompts Billy to contact Max, who was an acquaintance before he went to prison and warn him to stay away.

Emmerdale Spoilers– Max Refuses To Listen

However, it seems like Max is in no mood to listen, as he sends a threatening text to Ellis, causing him to have a panic attack. Billy attempts to deal with Max but when he reaches a certain house, he finds out that Max has gone off to find him, leaving him horrified as Ellis could be in danger.

Meanwhile, Ellis is left alone at home. He becomes more scared of the rattling sound at the door. He grabs a rolling pin, thinking he could use it as a weapon against his possible attacker. Is it Max at the door? If so, will Ellis go as far as killing him? Or will he hit an innocent person, leaving him and Billy with a much bigger problem?

Emmerdale Spoilers– Asan Revealed How Difficult The Stabbing Scenes Were To Shoot

In a previous interview, Asan N’Jie answered a few questions about the big revelations concerning his stabbing storyline. He said that his alter-ego knew that Billy isn’t the culprit but was disappointed to hear that his brother ran off after the incident. He also jokingly said that he tried not to slip to anyone since some fans believed Billy stabbed him while others guessed that it was Max.

When asked about how he felt about being part of the storyline, the actor simply said, “It’s a blessing really. I’m extremely grateful to the writers and the producers at Emmerdale for trusting me with this. They’ve put their faith in me to be able to deliver this storyline. To share it with Jay has been fun and really interesting.”

However, he also admitted that it wasn’t easy since they had to do night shoots. For him, it was a different, challenging, but fun experience, in general. As always, more detailed Spoilers and Breaking news will appear here on Soap Opera Spy!


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