Neighbours Spoilers: Arrests, Shocking Returns, Break-Ins And Cheating Scandals

Neighbours Spoilers: Arrests, Shocking Returns, Break-Ins And Cheating Scandals This extra-length Neighbours special is set to be a banger, as life changing events challenge the residents of Ramsay street. Spoilers tease that many old faces return, alongside a new face who is planning his revenge on a certain Erinsborough resident.

The action packed late night special begins on the night before Tyler’s trial. Instead of going to Toadie’s party, Neighbours spoilers tease that Piper surprises Tyler with a romantic night in a city hotel, so they can spend their last night together in peace. However, when there she persuades him that this doesn’t have to be their last night together – they could run away together.

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However, plans are halted when someone reports them to the police and a chase ensues on Neighbours. Tyler jumps from rooftop to rooftop and Piper follows, but she slips and ends up hanging on for her life. The police eventually catch up and save Piper, but arrest Tyler and take him straight to jail.

Back on the street, Neighbours spoilers tease controversial character Izzy returns with a bang after last being seen in 2007 when she was pregnant with Karl’s baby. The homewrecker once again sets her sight on Karl, coming to blows with Susan. So, when Izzy reveals that she will donate five million dollars to the hospital if they name their new wing after Karl, tensions only worsen.

Another Erinsborough resident who has history with Izzy is Paul, but she’s not the one set to make trouble for him. Instead, a mystery stranger seems very interested in Toadie’s party and later breaks into Paul’s apartment. The stranger is Rafael Humpreys, an English tourist who has a score to settle with Paul.

Trouble is also on the cards for Paige, who, after a moment of weakness with Jack, is caught between her boyfriend Mark and the father of her child, Jack – a scenario which is set to have heart-breaking consequences for a few of Erinsborough’s residents.

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Back at the Lassiter’s complex a belated 21st birthday is being held in honour of Toadie who is missing Sonya and Nell while they’re in America. The Colac themed party is a great success, and sees the return of Stu Parker, Lance Wilkinson and Stonie Rebecchi. However, the mood is ruined when Sindi Watts shows up to tell Toadie that Andrea Sommers is back in town.

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