‘General Hospital’ News: ‘GH’ Head-Writers Reveal Why They Decided To Kill Off Sabrina Santiago

Viewers are still reeling from the latest death, courtesy of the ‘General Hospital’ serial killer – Sabrina Santiago [Teresa Castillo]. Though it was becoming quite obvious that she would be next, viewers were hopeful for the best. This week was a devastating one as we saw doctors declare the nurse dead. Now the question is asked, why ‘General Hospital’ would chose to kill off such an important character and a major player.

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Co-Head writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante spoke with Soap Opera Digest about the reason they chose to kill off the character. Passanante declared that killing off Sabrina “was a very difficult decision to make. It’s always very difficult to kill off a character, but sometimes, the story demands it” Indeed it must have been very hard to kill off someone with such great talent and who meant so much to GH viewers.

Nonetheless the decision was made and the story has gotten more interesting. “We thought it would be important to give what Paul is doing more emotional foundation for our audience to have him kill someone who was literally in the wrong place at the wrong time and is somebody we care about,” she continues to share.

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Viewers must always be wondering; what’s the point of bringing back Jeffrey Vincent Parise as a new character named Joe Rivera only to kill her off. Then what would be the point of Joe’s existence in Port Charles?  Co-Head Writer Shelly Altman says viewers will understand soon, the writer revealed that fans “will soon see a resolution to the situation with Joe.”

The end result is killing of Sabrina is sad, but it does give this serial killer storyline more meat. What’s left to be explained is the reason for Paul [Richard Burgi] committing these crimes, which viewers will see later on.

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  1. Sonya Murray Montgomery says

    I am not happy with their decision to kill Sabrina!!!! They need to #BRINGSABRINABACKASAP This is crap and I will quit watching General Hospital. They always kill the good ones. Make this a set-up for the PCPD and that Sabrina really is alive PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Richard says

    WHY WHY WHY. I have been watching GH since the ’80s and this killing of Sabrina is absolute CRAP! She is really great on the show and really popular with me and a lot of GH fans also. Get with it.

  3. Joann Mountes DiBiase says

    What a crock of….,”but sometimes the story demands.” This is the explanation to kill Sabrina? What? They write the story and they are the writers! There was no need or “demand” as they put it! This is worst writing than the almost 2 years it took for Jason to remember who he was! Just dumb!

    1. elmo says

      the story demands that Ava pay for what she has done! Nina to pay! Franco to pay! Sonny to pay! What the hell is Sabrina paying for???

    2. susan says

      you know i have always hated that line…..the story demands it..whatever they say..

      no it didn’t…..

      yes they write the story, but i keep on saying was it them that didn’t like her or was it frank….the head of abc daytime….it makes you wonder…..

      no they have only been here one year……..not two…this is their seond..

      before that it was ron carlavotti who i happened to like……..it was frons that i didn’t like and now frank…..i feel the real problem is the male producers of the shows…..that’s to me who the real problems are..

      because they will not juggle an actress who gets pregnant….where the women writers were heads of atwt when what 3 women took turns being pregs in 7 years…….and guess what they never got fired…..

      so…if atwt can figure out a way to juggle three actresses taking turns being pregs…then gh can figure out it’s way with one…and all that…at a time

      so i don’t buy that it’s them…i blame the male chuavenist, that says a woman isn’t workable while she’s in the family way…that’s who i blame…..


  4. Joann Mountes DiBiase says

    Make it a dream that Michael had because he told Sabrina that! Dallas did it…so can GH!

    1. susan says

      i agree…

      has anyone really done that dream sequence other then dallas….

      they knew what a mistake that they made…so…there you go…

      fix this gh writers…..if you really want that new contract of yours to stick…and that goes for stupid frank too

  5. CHRIS2PHER850 says

    maybe she’ll return as someone new lol Sabrina’s twin Samantha

  6. Currie Markham says

    I think they should set it up as a dream or undercover that Jordan had some kind of gut feeling bout Paul

  7. Jackie Banks Wiley says

    I have been watching GH since the 70s with my grandmother and I am so disappointed with this decision this is a big mistake,maybe the writer’s should be FIRED!!!

  8. Becky Killion says

    Dumb,the writers just get dumb and dumber.

  9. Kevin Pham says

    BOO these writers know how stupid this is…

  10. Jennifer Grace says

    I would love to have Sabrina back! She was the only Puerto Rican female character on the show! She was kindhearted and sweet.

  11. Laura Lackey- Mitchell says

    this sucks that they killed off sabrina,,they could bring her back by having her hidden cause she knows who the killer is, and so they told every one shes dead to keep the killer from trying again,,that would be better then her being dead, or her being in a coma for a while an being hidden an let people think shes dead to keep her safe

  12. Cheryl Lynn Gray- McCann says

    How will the ‘situation’ with Joe be explained soon? He left and went back to Puerto Rico with Teddy. And even that doesn’t really make sense.

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