‘Dark Shadows’ News: Rare Finds – ‘DS’ Fans Share Thoughts On Original Milton Bradley And Whitman Board Games

'Dark Shadows' News: Rare Finds - ‘DS’ Fans Share Thoughts On Original Milton Bradley And Whitman Board GamesWhen it comes to ‘Dark Shadows’ rare finds even the most loyal of ‘DS’ followers may not know that there were board games released in 1968 and 1969 revolving around the gothic ABC soap opera. Whitman was first on the market with the ‘Dark Shadows’ board game in 1968. Milton Bradley created the ‘Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows’ board game in 1969.

The Whitman version of the ‘Dark Shadows’ board game description offers information about the board game. It was developed for 2 to 4 players with each player being dealt four cards of varying types. The players use these cars to move around the board by matching the cards to locations around the board.

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There is some strategy to playing the ‘Dark Shadows’ board game as it involves symbols and special vampire cards to maneuver your way through the pathways, and alternate pathways, to reach the end of the game.

Fans of the gothic daytime drama who have been lucky enough to find the board game have discussed it on fan forum boards. One ‘DS’ fan noted, “game lay is realistically a 4 [on a scale from 1 to 10] but gets a +2 for nostalgia as it’s one of the first board games I remember playing.”

Where can you find the Whitman version of the ‘Dark Shadows’ board game? Fans lucky enough to own them either have discovered them at flea markets, yard sales or purchased the game nearly 40 years ago. You may be able to find the game on eBay, but it is a costly piece of nostalgia.

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Milton Bradley introduced ‘Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows’ in 1969. The company’s version of the game included a coffin in which to store game pieces, gone-in-the-dark vampire teeth, a spinner, tiny wooden stakes and four sets of glow-in-the dark skeleton parts.

The ‘Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows’ board game by Milton Bradley is difficult to find. On ‘DS’ forums fans reveal that they have found it at antique shops or have owned it since the game’s release. ‘DS’ fans who wish to add this piece of memorabilia to their collections may find the board game on eBay.

In reviewing the game one fan noted, “I owned the game and played it as a kid, but ended up forgetting about the game and just kept the coffin, scaffolds and skeletons around to play with. I loved the teeth.”

‘Dark Shadows’ premiered on ABC June 27, 1966 and still has a strong and loyal fan following. Several of the original cast member joined fans for 50th anniversary celebration in June and then again for Halloween in Hollywood in October. In July 2016 Hulu acquired 400 of the 1,1225 episodes of ‘Dark Shadows.’

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