Social Media Trending Kid’s Story Get Tears Flowing

Deavan Clegg Social media can be a dangerous and treacherous place for many people, but it also has an upside. Good deeds, caring people, and kindness can uplift people and changes lives for the better. A few weeks ago, a story went viral on Instagram and so far it garnered 12,404,614 likes. Actually, since then, it has been reposted and comments still keep arriving.

Social Media – Proves People Can Be Kind

While trolling and nasty things sometimes happen on platforms, there is also touching sweetness to it when people share nice things. For example, in late January this year, Sister Wives fans heard that Gabe Brown, Janelle’s son got his long hair cut short. Actually, many TLC fans love his shorter hair. But, the nice part about it, is that he opted to donate his hair to charity. Many fans loved it because so many people with cancer and other illnesses can use it.

Social media also helps people with sick kids, like Deavan Clegg get her message out about her son Taeyang. If you are not aware, the 90 Day Fiance alum found out that Taeyang fell sick soon after he turned three years old. The cute little boy battles with blood cancer and experienced some terrible effects from chemo. At the moment, he seems to be on the mend, but he still has a long road to travel. The Instagram platform helped his mom to find kindhearted people who donate to his treatment.

Social Media  – Trending Kid’s Story Moves People To Tears

It’s not the first time a story posted on @wigsbytiffany trended for weeks. However, it is a nice story right now, as so many news items seem grim and ugly at the moment. This particular post was about a young girl named Klara, aged ten. In her post, Tiffany said, “Sweet 10 year old Klara was the absolute highlight of my week! She is so special, so beautiful, so brave, so confident, and has the sweetest personality!”

Social Media Trending Kid's Story Get Tears Flowing
@wigsbytiffany / Instagram

The social media screenshot above, hardly need any words to explain why so many people loved the post. Klara’s face just said it all, and no amount of words can possibly replicate her joy. As usual, in the reel, Tiffany made her young recipient of a wig close their eyes until after the wig was fitted. Only then can they see themselves with hair again. No wonder some followers said it made them cry.

Social Media – Comments On The Post

Social media followers took to the comments in their thousands. One of them wrote, “That smile melted my whole heart.”

Meanwhile,e another person wrote, “I’m crying this is amazing.”

Here’s another person who dissolved into happy tears, “Her smile brought instant tears to my eyes.”

And, here’s the comment that motivated this article: “Sometimes I don’t want to use social networks but these things make me enter to be able to share. God bless all the people who do something like this in exchange for [wanting] nothing, a thousand blessings ??.”

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