Irene Gakwa Update: Nathan Hightman Pleads Guilty To Robbing Missing Student

Irene Gawka Where is Irene Gakwa?  Irene’s family reported the 32 year old nursing student missing from Wyoming in 2022.  Since Gakwa’s disappearance there has been some progress in her case.  But, we still do not have answers about what happened to her, or where she is today.

Gakwa’s Family last spoke to her via video chat from Kenya in February 2022.  When Irene was reported missing, her 49 year old live-in boyfriend Nathan Hightman told the police that he had emptied out all of her accounts in hopes that it would make her return home.

Irene Gawka’s – Boyfriend Pleads Guilty

So, not only was Irene Gakwa missing.  But, if she was still alive, she had no means of financially supporting herself.  According to People Magazine, “He was accused of stealing nearly $3,700 from Gakwa’s checking account, charging $604.65 on her Visa card and maxing out her Capital One card in the amount of $3,230.65.”

In March 2023 Nathan Hightman cut a deal with the prosecutors and pled guilty to two charges related to the theft of Irene’s money.  He is currently awaiting sentencing, and is facing up to 23 years for the financial crimes.  Sadly, there still has not been an arrest regarding Irene’s disappearance, and we still have no answers as to how the nursing student up and vanished.

Irene Gawka’s friends and family still have not given up hope for justice for the missing nursing student.  At Hightman’s court date this month Irene’s supporters gathered outside with T-Shirts and signs in support of her and to keep her memory alive.

What Happened To Irene Gawka

A GoFundMe Page was set up to raise money for a reward in Irene’s case, and so far has only made about $450.   The fundraiser was clearly set up by a member of Irene’s family, and provides more details regarding her disappearance and relationship with Nathan Hightman.

On disturbing paragraph on the GoFundMe page reads, “The man she was living with was charged with 5 felony charges after she went missing for stealing all of the money out of Irenes bank account, maxing out her credit card with purchases that included buying boots, pants and a shovel. He also deleted her email and her WhatsApp account. He was also seen by neighbors burning a 55 gallon drum in his back yard after Irene disappeared.”

Have you been following Irene Gawka’s case?  Do you think Nathan Hightman is responsible for her disappearance?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Irene Gawka’s news and updates.

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