‘Dark Shadows’ News: Must-Haves for the ‘DS’ Fan On Your Gift List

‘Dark Shadows’ News: Must-Haves for the ‘DS’ Fan On Your Gift List‘Dark Shadows’ may have ended its brief run on ABC’s afternoon soap opera line up in 1971, but the gothic soap is a cult classic and has a devoted fan following to this day. If you have a ‘DS’ super fan on your gift list you may want to pick up a few of these must-have items as a birthday or holiday gift. Not all items may be available for purchase outside the United States.

Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series – Deluxe Edition ($370)

If you have an extra-special ‘DS’ aficionado in your life consider the Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series (Deluxe Edition). You can find the set of seven DVDs on Amazon but it will set you back about $370. According to customer reviews this set can cost anywhere from $400 to $600. Other collectors’ sets contain approximately 32 episodes per DVD and each DVD can cost as much as $200. As one Amazon reviewer pointed out, you can spend upwards of $2,000 if you purchase the “Collectors’ Editions” or “Limited Editions.”

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Dark Shadows 50th Anniversary Compilation ($20 DVD)

A 6-disc DVD set is a compilation of episodes that aired on ABC from 1966 through 1971 and contains 22 hours of highlights.

Included in the 50th Anniversary Compilation are new episodes introduced by David Selby [Quentin] Lara Parker [Angelique] and Katherine Leigh Scott [Maggie]. Also included are ‘Dark Shadows’ video promos and exclusive video interview with Jonathan Frid and David Selby.

Remembering Jonathan Frid ($20 Paperback Edition)

If you’re looking for something a little less extravagant for the ‘Dark Shadows’ fan on your list, Nancy Kersey has written a book entitled ‘Remember Jonathan Frid.’ As viewers of the gothic soap opera remember, Frid portrayed the vampire Barnabas Collins.

According to the synopsis of the book, which can be found on Amazon, the actor was a mysterious figure who preferred to shun the celebrity spotlight and never aspired to stardom and rarely discussed his private life.

The author of ‘Remembering Jonathan Frid’ gathered together friends, family and Frid’s colleagues and asked them to share their memories and insights of a very complex and talented actor. The book is illustrated and contains over 130 rare and unseen photographs.

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Dark Shadows T-shirts, Coffee Mugs, Posters, Water Bottles and More (Prices vary}

Visit the Dark Shadows Gift Shop on Café Press to find many affordable items including T-shirts, shot glasses, wall art, buttons, stickers and more. Several of the items are geared toward the Dark Shadows feature films, but most are neutral and will be enjoyed by fans of the original gothic soap opera.

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