‘General Hospital’ (GH) Spoilers: Lulu On The Brink of Discovering Dante’s Cheating Deceit?

'General Hospital' (GH) Spoilers: Lulu On The Brink of Discovering Dante’s Cheating Deceit?“General Hospital” (GH) spoilers indicated that Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan) is about to find out her husband Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) and her cousin Valerie Spencer (Brtyni Sarpy) had a one-night stand because he may make a complete confession and beg for her forgiveness. His guilty conscience just might get the better of him – but don’t bet on it.

Dante is struggling to keep his secret from his wife and he’s hanging on by a thread. Lulu almost found out when discovered him praying in the chapel at the hospital. If you’re going to tell you wife that you had a one-night stand – even if it was with her cousin – the chapel of a hospital after your father was shot and almost died is one of the “better” times in which to do so. Why doesn’t Dante just tell Lulu and the two can handle it just as any other married couple? According to a report in ABC Soaps In Depth – October 18 through October 23 – it’s all about Rocco. The handsome cop doesn’t want his family destroyed by his mistake.

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“It’s all about preserving the family unit,” say his portrayer – but he also thinks either Maxie (Kirsten Storms or Nathan (Ryan Paevey) may be the one to bust the whole thing wide open. Dante has already confided in his best friend and he’s having a hard time keeping it too. But, it isn’t about WHEN the truth will come out, it’s about what happens next. In the interview Dominic speculates, “There’s gotta be fallout from there. Maybe Dante and Lulu split up and fight to get back together.”

Can Dante and Lulu work through this one? It’s not just the affair that’s going to cause marital discord, it’s the secret. Dante had ample time to tell Lulu but he kept lying by omission! What should happen? Dante should confess to Lulu – and there will be big time fallout because adultery, lies and secrets tend to do that in a marriage. But, with the new writers coming at “General Hospital” promising more romance maybe fans will see Dante and Lulu work this out in a realistic manner. They have a real and strong love built upon a solid foundation. The writers should give the “GH” couple a chance to work this out in a very real way – and have the couple stay together.

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How do you think Dante’s secret will come out on “General Hospital”? And once it does come out how will Lulu and Dante deal with his one-night stand? Will she be angrier with her cousin or her husband? Can Lulu and Valerie ever have a relationship or has that family tie been severed forever?

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