‘General Hospital’ (GH) Spoilers: Jake Doe Experiences Disturbing Jason Morgan Memories, Big Reveal Coming!

'General Hospital' (GH) Spoilers: Jake Doe Experiences Disturbing Jason Morgan Memories, Big Reveal Coming!“General Hospital” is heating up, and it looks like the big Jason reveal could be right around the corner. When Jake Doe (Billy Miller) saved Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) life by shooting the men who kidnaped him and T.J (Tequan Richmond), the way he moved and killed the men shocked everyone, including himself. After the incident, Jake seemed to wonder how he was able to take charge like he did- and Sam (Kelly Monaco) seemed to feel like he wasn’t himself at that time. She made a reference that she was there for backup, but it was clear after watching him, he didn’t need anyone to help him.

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Jake Doe has been in Port Charles for over a year. He doesn’t know anything about his life as Jason, but fans are convinced that Jason will slowly come out in his personality over the next few weeks. There is also rumors about certain memories will come up- only memories that Jason Morgan could remember. Ever since he arrived in town, he felt a connection to Sam. He has tried to hide it, but the two have an attraction to one another. And, they should; they are married. Sam is Jason Morgan’s wife.  When he came in to save Sonny, Sonny thought for a moment that he was Jason. He said he always knew he’d come back, or something along those lines. In his state of unconsciousness, Sonny believed that Jake was Jason. Sonny will live, and it will be partly due to Jake’s role in shooting those men and stopping the blood loss after he was gunned down.

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Carly (Laura Wright) isn’t sure what to think right now. She heard that the reason Sonny survived the shooting was Jake- a man she knows little to nothing about other than believing in her heart, she can trust him. “General Hospital” spoilers reveal that the shooting has triggered defining moments in Jake’s life as Jason Morgan. The experience will confused him, and he tried to talk to Liz (Rebecca Herbst) about it. She knows he is really Jason- and rather than confess the secret or will she in an effort to keep hold of him lie to him yet again?

It’s about six weeks before November sweeps. “GH” writers have promised that by then Jake will know he is Jason. Until sweep month, they said to expect hints to come out about his true identity when it all fits together for him, it will be explosive

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