‘General Hospital’ (GH) POLL: Are You Disappointed In The Big ‘Jake Is Jason’ Reveal? VOTE

'General Hospital' (GH) POLL: Are You Disappointed In The Big 'Jake Is Jason' Reveal? VOTEWe’ve all waited so patiently for the ‘Jake is Jason’ reveal and ‘General Hospital’ spoilers had us thinking today was the big day. And technically it was, but not in the way we all wanted. We’ve been hearing for months now that that “November 6” was J-day (as in Jason reveal day) and today fell woefully short of expectations. True, Jake Doe [Billy Miller] did find out he was Jason, but it was not the public reveal we were expecting – or that we wanted.

I do give kudos to Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright] for patiently convincing an increasingly angry Jake of the hard truth that he was Jason and already married so his wedding was not going to happen. But when we hit the half-hour mark of today’s show and still no reveal, it started to get painful to watch – like a snail race. The custody case is interesting, sure, but today was supposed to be about #JasonRevealed. And Anna Devane’s [Finola Hughes] therapy session felt like an evil distraction.

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The last few months leading up to the Jason reveal has felt painstakingly slow and starting last week when showrunners slowed the pace of the show down to a rate of one day per week, it now just seems cruelly slow and the wedding/non-wedding will carry on through Tuesday, November 10th. It’s like they’re just toying with the fans now by prolonging the final moments of the reveal. And, the worst is, even after Jake makes his “I’m Jason Morgan” announcement, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Jake knowing his real name doesn’t change what he knows about himself which is virtually nothing. In fact, the information that Jake does now have will only serve to make him miserable – he knows he can’t marry Liz Webber [Rebecca Herbst] and can’t adopt her boys that he loves so much. It’s doubtful that Jake has even processed the fact that he has two kids of his own that he can now claim. Poor guy is just reeling. As are fans.

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We were hoping for closure and this reveal has opened up more questions than it’s answered. This ride is far from over plus we’re heading into November sweeps and after that, Billy Miller is exiting for a vacation break which means Jake will be out of Port Charles for a while – likely trying to sort out his new reality as Jason Morgan. But that’s for then and we have to deal with the present mess for now. So what do you think GH fans? How frustrated are you about the Friday reveal/non-reveal?

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  1. ceecee says

    The Carly/Jason scenes were great…i ffwd the rest. It should have been all about the reveal and damn it better not take another month for Jason to find out that Liz knew. Carly is gonna have a field day with that one…can’t wait!!

  2. Gillian Alexander says

    This is the worst I’m so frustrated this reveal has me losing somuch sleep now this I’m very agry I thought t g see new writers were on a good path they just piss me off gonna definitely take a break from watching

  3. Carla says

    Anna with new shrink was just in the way, as was anything non Jason related. Loved the Carly and Jake scenes. Took too long to get to.

  4. Ash says

    No. I think it was almost perfect. it totally makes sense for Jake to reject this and for him to feel blinsided. He has been in Sams orbit for a year and felt nothing. that’s gotta pack a punch. he’s also deeply in love with Elizabeth and needs to figure out how that’s gonna be affected knowing he’s married to Sam.
    I love it. I also think Hayden is involved in this those veal somehow. she knows a little too much… she anticipated the reveal when she should be clueless. somethings up there.
    Jake has rejected Jason’s way of life for a year and now finds out that was his life. this is soapy goodness at this best.

    if Olivia can be forgiven for lying about a babys death, Sonny and Ava for murder in the first and Sam for accessory to kidnapping. I think there can be some forgiveness for Liz. can’t wait to see what happens next.
    I think the new writers are doing a great job cleaning up this hot mess of a storyline they were saddled with.

    1. Angel says

      But he isn’t married to Sam! She had him declared dead, that nulls and voids that marriage. He is no more married to Sam than he is to me. However, I do agree with everything else.

      I’d love to see Jason forgive Elizabeth for the lie, seeing as how he managed to forgive and go back to a woman who endangered his son and Cameron numerous times.

      The writers are doing a wonderful job. I just hope they don’t destroy such an amazing couple.

      1. Jenn Thompson says

        Everyone knows that in Soap land a declaration of death is void when the so called dead person resurfaces alive

  5. Gann brown says

    I’m with you on this one except for Elizabeth that witch? it’s just starting so peopled have patience it’s going to hit the fan yesssss ????

  6. Doris says

    I’m hoping that when Jake finds out that Liz DID know the whole time who he really was, he’ll break up with her and tells her off ! ! I don’t want to ser Dr. Drake leave the show! !!!! Gonna be heart broken…

    1. paula wiser says

      Maybe drake will take liz with him thy seem really close

  7. Peggy Antoniak says

    Billy Miller is a terrific actor and I have watched him on Y&R and GH. He is solid in his performance and very believable. I love him as Jason and can not wait to see what happens next. He was also great as Billy Abbot and Y&R has not been able to replace him. I see great things in his future. I think he will stay with Elizabeth since that is all he knows or remembers and forgive her. After all he has killed people so I don’t think it is likely he will think what Elizabeth did is that big of a deal! He is not the same man he was and this is very clear in his performance. I don’t think he would go back and do the same things he did with Sonny unless he clearly remembers his past. I think this is a man that is true to himself (what he knows).

  8. Bobbi says

    I want him to know Liz lied to him as well as Nicholas. I hope he figures it out.

  9. Kaye says

    I wasn’t disappointed with the reveal. I liked that he railed against the evidence because he doesn’t want to be that guy. It isn’t any wonder that he wants nothing to do with being Stone Cold Jason Morgan the cold blooded murdering hit man. What a waste of Billy Miller’s talents if he has to be stuck playing a one note character like Jason.

  10. Teresa says

    I wanted it to be more dramatic, but I don’t want him to go back to the Jason Morgan persona at least not completely. I prefer the old jason. I’ve been watching general Hospital for 30 years or longer. I would love to see see him with elizabeth. I hope he gets some of his memory back. I’m happy that Monica gets one of her sons back.

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