‘General Hospital’ News: ‘GH’ Alum Rick Springfield Calls Out Disney For Changing Princess Leia ‘Star Wars’ Merchandise

'General Hospital' News: 'GH' Alum Rick Springfield Calls Out Disney For Changing Princess Leia 'Star Wars' MerchandiseWe are huge fans of “General Hospital” alum Rick Springfield, and it turns out that he is a HUGE fan of “Star Wars.”  Rick Springfield is famous for a lot of different things, but in our eyes he will always be Noah Drake – the father of Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson).  With all of the buzz over the Walt Disney remake of “Star Wars,” TMZ decided to ask a true expert, Rick Springfield, about his take on the Princess Leia drama.

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TMZ caught up with Rick Springfield on Friday November 6th to ask him his thoughts on the new “Star Wars” merchandise being produced by Disney.  Some diehard “Star Wars” fans are pretty disgruntled about the Princess Leia dolls that are being sold – because Disney altered Leila’s look to make her less sexual, and more family appropriate.

Rick Springfield thinks that what Disney is doing to the “Star Wars” classic character is horrific, and not true to Leila at all.  The “General Hospital” alum ranted on camera that if Walt were still alive, he would have never let their sales team make any changes to the characters.  We’re going to have to agree with Rick on  this one – and not just because he was on “General Hospital” – some classics you just DON’T mess with, and “Star Wars” is definitely one of them.  While chatting with TMZ, Rick also dished on what he thought of “Star Wars: The Force Awakening.” 

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So “GH” fans, do you miss Rick Springfield in Port Charles?  Do you agree with his thoughts on Disney’s “Star Wars?”  Let us know in the comments below!

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