‘General Hospital’ (GH) RUMORS: Patrick Drake Out, Jason Thompson Not Renewing Contract?

'General Hospital' (GH) Rumors: Patrick Drake Out, Jason Thompson Not Renewing Contract?

“General Hospital” spoilers are in; it looks like Jason Thompson, the actor who portrays Dr. Patrick Drake is considering leaving the show. This isn’t the first time he has considered leaving the hit ABC soap opera, according to Daytime Confidential on Wednesday. Now that his contract is about to expire, he is considering a change, according to the rumors. Do you think Jason would leave “GH” and if he did what would the show be like without him?

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Imagine “General Hospital” without any of the long standing actors like Jason Thompson, Maurice Benard or Laura Wright? It would be like “ER” when they replaced the whole cast only to find no one tuned in when they ditched George Clooney. The rumor was that Jason had considered leaving the show a few times in his ten year stay at “General Hospital” and is considering it more seriously before his next contract expires.

The fact is if he did leave, he would be hired on another soap in no time flat. “Young and the Restless,” “Days of our Lives,” or “Bold and the Beautiful,” would scoop him up faster than he could utter the words, “I resign.” At the present time, Patrick’s storylines are pretty strong waiting on the Jason Morgan reveal. He told Sam last week that he wished Jason was alive so he could prove he was the better man for her. Well, Dr. Patrick Drake- it looks like you may get that chance.

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Fans, tell us what you think about Jason Thompson. Do you want him to renew his contract or think it’s time for him to go?

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  1. Rebecca Zertuche says

    I’m sorry, but I’ve never been a fan of Patrick’s. His character is much like Elizabeth’s in that he has a superiority complex. And, quite frankly, he cannot pull it off. I’m talking about the character now.

  2. Kandi says

    I like Pactrick Drake, he plays as the best surgeon on there and if he leaves their will no longer be a good surgeon if someone has to have surgery. He is a good actor, I think robin should come back so him and Robin can reunite, and then sam and jason can be back together. I would like to see pactrick stay but if it’s time for him to go then it’s time for him to leave. I am a Pactrick, Sam, Jason, Sonny, Carly, Michael, Dante fan!

  3. Donna Clunan says

    Please don’t go Jason. You belong on GH and no one could ever replace you. Even thinking of you going to another soap is heartbreaking. You belong at GH.

  4. A kaiser says

    Noooo. He’s part of the Scorpio/Devane connection! No Robin or Robert, Dukes gone & we barely see Mac… Anna will have no one left (but thank god she’s still there). Ugh, this stinks. He’s really great with Emma (why am I seriously writing this as if these are real people)….

  5. Jane says

    It has been confirmed that Jason Thompson has joined the cast of ( Y&R ) and will be taking over the role of : Billy Abbott , replacing actor Burgess Jenkins. He debut’s on Y&R on January the 14th , 2016.

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