‘General Hospital’ (GH) RUMORS: Carly Recruits Jake Doe To Run Mob, Doesn’t Want Son Michael Replacing Sonny?

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Carly Recruits Jake Doe To Run Mob, Doesn't Want Son Michael Replacing Sonny

“General Hospital” spoilers are in; it looks like Michael (Chad Duell) may feel it is in the family’s best interest if he steps up and takes over while his father, Sonny (Maurice Benard) recovers, but his momma; Carly (Laura Wright) has other plans. Jake er Jason (Billy Miller) will end up heading up the family, and his precision in doing the right thing for the mob shocks everyone.

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Michael wants to help his family. He isn’t interested in being in the mob per say, but someone needed to protect his father’s assets, and clearly Morgan (Bryan Craig) is not the best person for the job. His mother, Carly does not want her children in the mob. She simply will not stand for it. She wanted them to have a safer career path, like heading up ELQ.

It will lead to Carly being upset that there is no one to head up Sonny’s organization with Jason gone. She makes him feel bad for the family, and he offers his services. Carly of course in an attempt to save her son takes him up on his offer and puts him in contact with Sonny’s crew to get him started on his new position.

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Liz (Elizabeth Herbst) overhears Jake agreeing to help, and she is furious. Not because it is dangerous or the mob, she is terrified of him discovering his true calling, a hit man for the mob. She will do whatever it takes to keep him believing he is a common man- and not an extraordinary mob sniper. The spoilers reveal that after Jake tells her, he must help because Carly is devastated about Sonny’s condition, and if they can take that stress off her- he’d feel better. He basically forced Liz to come to terms with his new adventure.

The speculation is that placing his life in danger and doing some of the things Jason did; it will spark memories that begin to confuse him. They are memories he can place or recall ever being at. It will lead to one of the biggest reveals in soap history. Are you ready for Jake to learn he is really Jason Morgan?

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  1. ceecee says

    I think it would be intetesting for Carly to take over Sonny’s interests and go head to head with Ava. Or maybe Dante can go rogue when ge finds out about the corruption with the DA and PCPD 🙂

  2. paula albrecht says

    I love it – Liz – Jason / Jake is such BS – Carly and Jason will always be the bet

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