‘General Hospital’ Casting News: GH Seeks Male African-American Actor – Where Will His Storyline Go?

'General Hospital' Casting News: GH Seeks Male African-American Actor - Where Will His Storyline Go?

General Hospital’s cast is expanding once again. This time, according to Daytime Confidential, the producers over at General Hospital are looking to cast a new contract role. General Hospital has put out a casting call for an African-American who appears in his mid-to-late 30s. According to the casting call, this character will be a powerful contract role, and will be very handsome and extremely charming.

There has been a ton of speculation as to who this character will be, and with little to no information regarding the role, it is impossible to say. One rumor is that General Hospital is planning on replacing Sean Blackmore, who plays Shawn on the daytime soap opera; however, Sean Blackmore was a little older than this current casting call, so we cannot be certain.

Another rumor that has been floating around ever since fans found out that General Hospital was searching for an African-American actor is that they are looking for a new love interest for Jordan. This, however, is not a fan favorite. Many fans have fired back saying that they actually hope this is not a new love interest for Jordan because they are tired of soap operas always putting the same races together for a relationship. Many fans have expressed that they would love for General Hospital to depict an interracial relationship and promote loving who you love, despite race.

Unfortunately, there is not much we know about this character yet, and it looks like – until we find out more about General Hospital’s plans – the rumors will continue. Are you excited to see a new character joining General Hospital, or do you think the show is already full as is? Would you like to see this character be a new love interest for Jordan, or do you want to see an interracial relationship? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Janet Tillman says

    I want an interracial relationship. Jordin and Silas would be awesome.

    1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

      That would be interesting because they both need love interests

  2. PattyJean says

    Monica and the black judge are an interracial couple, Folks . . . and GH in the past had at lease another with Steve Hardy, Jr. and his wife.

  3. Donna says

    We have Molly & T J, Monica & Judge Walters, Lucas & Brad who are interracial. We have had several in the past too..I love when Shawn & Alexis were together,as well as Carly & Shawn..It also looks like Dante & Valerie are going to having an affair…

  4. T-Bone says

    Umm.. Didn’t they just HAVE an “African American actor?!”‘ His name was Sean Blakemore & he was a good actor who’s talents were being wasted! So they summarily fire him only to hire another?! THIS is what’s wrong with GH! Their vets wither on the vine while TPTB add MORE newbies to an already bloated cast b/c they cost less! Unbelievable!

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