‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Week Of June 29: Jake and Sam Team Up With Michael, Nikolas In Hot Water, Lulu’s Marriage In Danger

'General Hospital' Spoilers Week Of June 29: Jake and Sam Team Up With Michael, Nikolas In Hot Water, Lulu's Marriage In Danger

The week of June 29, 2015 will be an busy week in Port Charles.  Luke and Laura will continue their quest to find Lucky and a face from the past shows up.  Dante and Lulu’s marriage is in danger as Lulu anxiously awaits news of her brother.  Now that it is known Nikolas is behind the ELQ takeover he does not have many friends.  Nikolas will find even his son Spencer is mad at him and will be forced to give him an explanation.  To find out more about what is going down this week check out our weekly spoilers below.

Denise, Franco, Morgan, Kiki

Ava AKA Denise [Maura West] decides to play along with Franco’s [Roger Howarth] plan and pretend that her and Franco are a hot item.  The two put on their act in front of Kiki, [Hayley Erin]  Morgan [Bryan Craig] and Nina. [Michelle Stafford]  Nina and Morgan are not thrilled and the green-eyed monster rears its head but they try their best to hide  their feelings.  It is a difficult week for Morgan he will have trouble keeping Denise out of his mind and by the end of the week Denise and Morgan will have difficulty keeping their hands off each other.  On Friday, Denise decides to share something with Franco. Meanwhile, Franco suspects that Kiki is making a mistake being with Morgan.  Franco asks Dr. Obrecht for advice.

Michael & Sabrina

Michael [Chad Duell] and Sabrina [Teresa Castillo] move ahead with their relationship and are excited about that the future will hold for them.  Meanwhile, Sabrina helps Michael make an important decision.  Sabrina helps Michael see that he should return Avery to Sonny. [Maurice Benard]  Sonny is thrilled to get his daughter back but yearns for his relationship with Michael back.

Nikolas & Spencer

Spencer is upset at his Dad, he doesn’t understand why Nikolas [Tyler Christopher] went after ELQ.  Spencer [Nicolas Bechtel] is not letting it go and it get so bad Nikolas is forced to give Spencer an explanation.  Nikolas tells Spencer that the Cassadine Fortune is waining because of Victor and Helena and that is why he needs ELQ.

Luke & Laura

Luke [Anthony Geary] and Laura [Genie Francis] continue to search for Lucky. [Jonathan Jackson] and are surprised by a visit by Holly. [Emma Samms] Does this mean that Luke’s other son Nathan is kidnapped too? Luke & Laura hear from the kidnappers and receive a photo..  Once Luke has his sons back he is determined that he is going to get back together with Tracy.


Rick [Rick Hearst] has to think fast this week when Nina suspects that he was behind getting her mother Madeleine [Donna Mills] out of prison.

Dante, Valerie, Lulu

Lulu [Emme Rylan] is mixed up in Laura and Luke’s adventure and it is putting her relationship with Dante on the line.  Dante [Dominic Zamprogna] suspects something is going on with Dillon and Dante plants a kiss on Valerie [Brytni Sarpi].  As Valerie who always had her eye on Dante comforts him, Dante admits to Valerie that he has some feelings for her.  Meanwhile, Lulu is nervous and fretting while she waits for news from her parents about her brother.  Luke gives Dillon and Lulu news about Lucky.

Sam & Jake

Sam is furious with Nikolas and tells him exactly what she thinks of him.  Sam fears Nikolas is becoming just like the rest of the Cassadines.  Sam is determined to get ELQ back for Michael.  Jake [Billy Miller] turns down Nikolas’ offer for a job.  Jake feels he let Michael down and  decides to help him him take back ELQ.  Sam and Jake team up to get the company back for Michael.

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  1. mary. white says

    I don’t think Dante and valrie should be able to be together there is no chemistry, but lulu and Dante is true love ,,valrie is a man stealing women find her own man not some else man

    1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

      True, you could see from the beginning Valerie had her eye on Dante 🙁 I want Dante and Lulu together too!

  2. Wendy Houghton says

    Like the way you keep viewers informed of what’s going on

    1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

      Thanks for the kind words!

  3. charlene Gordon says

    I can’t wait till Jake/Jason remember who he is

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