90 Day Fiancé’s Mahmoud Wants Divorce From Nicole But Has No Way To Return Home

90 Day Fiancé stars Mahmoud and Nicole
Mahmoud and Nicole [Image 90 Day Fiancé on YouTube]
In a recap for Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Mahmoud packs to leave Nicole, wanting to return home to Egypt.


Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? saw Mahmoud and Nicole’s fight escalate, leading to him wanting a divorce, but he has no way to travel home to Egypt. As they fought in front of her friends, Mahmoud wanted to leave Los Angeles and return home. However, how can he leave the US and return home?

90 Day Fiancé stars Mahmoud and Nicole in Los Angeles

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way stars Nicole and Mahmoud
Mahmoud and Nicole [Image @mahmoud0elsherbiny/Instagram]
Ever since 90 Day Fiancé star Mahmoud traveled to Los Angeles, his relationship with Nicole has been a disaster. Meanwhile, in the last episode, Nicole yells at him in front of her friends, calling him a “traitor.”

As fans know, Mahmoud has strict Islam beliefs and doesn’t like it when Nicole wears something in any way revealing. As they fought in front of her friends, he said he no longer wants to meet them which upset Nicole.

She eventually took her friends back to her apartment where she forced Mahmoud to meet them. However, when he tried to be friendly towards them, she became angry as she felt he was faking it. Moreover, she served alcohol to her friends, which is definitely against her Egyptian husband’s beliefs.

When eventually the pair had an argument behind closed doors, Nicole told Mahmoud to leave. However, when he tried to do so, Nicole’s male friend tried to stop him.

Mahmoud wants to return home to Egypt

90 Day Fiancé star Nicole Sherbiny and Mahmoud
Mahmoud and Nicole [Image @nicole.sherbiny/Instagram]
The latest episode picked up from there the fight left off, with Mahmoud desperately trying to leave. Meanwhile, Nicole’s friend begged him not to go, as it wasn’t safe for him to wander the streets of Los Angeles alone. Meanwhile, Nicole’s friends consoled her in her apartment and speaking to the cameras, she explained how angry she was.

“I’m furious because for the last four years I’ve done nothing but try as hard as I can to make this work,” she said. “I’ve traveled to Egypt I don’t even know how many times, I’d have to count the stamps on my passport. So when Mahmoud started to pack his bags to go, I feel like, when does he have to try?”

However, she did take some responsibility for the fight between them, saying:

But even though I’m angry at him, I’m really angry at myself. I really regret saying anything to him. When we got back, I should have just let the night be like a fun night for everybody. Instead, it turned into, like, drama. And I feel terrible about it.

Eventually, Nicole phoned Mahmoud, and he told her he wasn’t coming back and was going to stay at a hotel. He then refused to tell her which hotel he was at. This concerned Nicole, as she wasn’t sure how much money Mahmoud had on him. A producer then stepped in, telling Mahmoud they would drive him to the hotel he had booked on his phone.

Meanwhile, the TLC reality star told the cameras that he felt Nicole had changed and that they would not be able to carry on together.

“Love is not enough for marriage, I think,” he said. “Somehow, I think it’s over.”

Nicole wants Mahmoud to stay

The following morning, Nicole said that while she had told Mahmoud to “get out” during their fight, she still wanted him to stay, as he had nowhere else to go. Meanwhile, he ended up staying the night at the hotel using Nicole’s credit card, which she was not happy about.

In a confessional, Nicole said she still loves Mahmoud and that they should both try to sort out their marriage. However, when he arrived back at her apartment, he gave her the credit card, the money he had used and the phone she had given him. The Egyptian native said he wants a divorce from Nicole, which once again frustrated her and she again told him to leave.

Speaking to the cameras, Mahmoud said:

Our relationship is over and I’m leaving here.

Mahmoud added that he couldn’t take this anymore, saying he was not going back to Nicole. However, he admitted that he had no plan, no phone, and no idea where to go. He added that somehow he will return to Egypt, but right now, he has never felt so alone in his life.

Keep up with their story on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? on Sundays at 8:00 pm ET on TLC.


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