Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shares Video of Janelle Screaming After Disapproving Relationship Speed With Christine

Christine BrownOne of the stars of “Sister Wives” Christine Brown shared a new video on her Instagram story and from the looks of it, the rumors that Christine and Janelle Brown are feuding are so not close to being true.

For months now, there’s been speculations that the two friends are beefing and it’s all centered on the speed at which Christine’s love life is moving. Despite several attempts to squash the rumors, it still continued. However, Christine’s latest update would no doubt seal the doubts.

The video Christine posted featured Christine, 51, in the front seat of her Fiancé David Woolley’s Polaris RZR, with David as the driver, and Janelle, 54, and her daughter Maddie, 27, in the back seat. Now, if they were beefing, they wouldn’t be hanging out together right?

Sister Wives — About Janelle Brown Screaming In New Video

Christine captioned the video, “We went RZR riding with a couple special guests this weekend! #rzr #moab #riding.” Meanwhile, somewhere along their drive, the car made huge vertical climbs and dramatic turns, and that left the passengers fearing for their lives.

The shock of what happened, and seeing her life flash before her eyes, left Janelle hanging onto the metal bar in front of her and screaming and yelling obscenities.

After seeing the video, a fan said, “Janelle white-knuckling it and watching her life flash before her eyes.”

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shares Video of Janelle Screaming After Disapproving Relationship Speed With Christine

A source recently told “The U.S. Sun” that Janelle has never been jealous of Christine’s relationship with David, she’s just having a hard time understanding how she was able to move on so fast from Kody Brown to David.

“She doesn’t understand how you can go from being so deeply brokenhearted and in love with Kody for so many years and then, all of a sudden, be madly in love with someone else. It doesn’t make sense to her. I don’t think she’s, like, maliciously against Christine, it’s just hard for her to understand.”

Looking at it this way it can be understood that Janelle’s worry is not misplaced because Christine had been married to Kody for over two decades before splitting from Kody.

Sister Wives — Too Fast Or Too Slow?

Last month, during a hangout between Christine, her 13-year-old daughter Truely, and her fiancé David, Christine shared a video of them hanging out. Somewhere in the video, it was heard that Truely bit David.

It happened while Christine was saying to the camera, “We’re in David’s Razor, it’s absolutely stunning and beautiful, and David basically says it’s like Disneyland with no rides!”

David cut in saying, “Ah, she just bit me!” Christine had to play the peacemaker, saying, “Really, Truely? Be nice to David!” But Truely wasn’t interested in being nice as she said, “No.”

After seeing the video, a fan asked, “Does anyone think this is too much too fast? For Christine and Truely? I know the show is a year (or more) behind, but I hope there was some settling time before jumping into another relationship. I’m 100% team Christine.”

Another opined, “Not too fast for Christine but too fast for Truely. My parents divorced when I was 16 and I wouldn’t have wanted to be around any of their love interests but all kids are different.”

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