Out With The Trolls In With The Love For Sister Wives Star Meri

Meri BrownIt’s not that long ago that Sister Wives fans were slamming Meri Brown for humiliating herself on reality TV. She stuck around Kody Brown long after he said he didn’t love her. Eventually, in Season 17, he literally told her to pack her bags and go away. On social media, she talked about empowering herself, which seemed to be a direct contradiction to her looking desperate for Kody’s attention. A lot of trolling happened, but that seems to have stopped and folks talk about loving her again.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fans Complained About Meri Brown

Recent spoilers revealed that Meri relocated to Parowan and Kody helped her move. Apparently, a film crew was there so fans can expect to see it in another season on TLC. At least, it seems that fans who feared a season of her trying to get Kody to take her back can relax. Almost immediately after the move, Meri took herself off to London for a week, There, she seemed to have combined business with pleasure, and she posted a lot of photos.

For a week, those who followed Meri Brown on Instagram saw a lot of fun photos as she visited the various sites. Sister Wives fans for once, seemed to forget about the allegations that she mistreated the kids. Plus, they forgot that she still apparently sells her LuLaRoe clothing line. And, that probably happened because she didn’t post anything about “worthying up,” which seems to be her current philosophy in life.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fans Stop Trolling Meri Brown?

Lots of people said that they would never take advice from Meri who keeps banging on about how everyone should “worthy up.” Actually, a lot of those trolls seemed to creep out of the woodwork in defense of Christine Brown who left Kody in Season 17. Many people didn’t like the way Meri seemed to gaslight the former third wife.

Out With The Trolls In With The Love For Sister Wives Star Meri
Meri Brown / Instagram

Perhaps it’s because Meri only shared nice photos and happy times whilst she was in London, that Sister Wives trolls went away. Alternatively, it could be that they are far too busy idolizing Christine at the moment to spare much thought about Meri. This week, when she returned to her push for folks to worthy up, she only seemed to find loving admirers.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Lots Of Love For Kody’s Former First Wife

Sister Wives fans saw that once again, Meri wrote a long caption facing fear and embracing it to discover “that magic happens.” Not a single critic of “Positive Patty” appeared in the comments. At least, not at the time of writing this. Instead, only love and appreciation went the way of the TLC star.

One follower said, “Well you have come a long way from where you were and have blossomed.”

Another happy fan wrote, “Fly high dear lady!! You deserve this!!”

Many similar comments followed. What are your thoughts? Now that she resumed using the #worthyup hashtag, do you think the trolls will return? Shout out in the comments below.

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