Has Sister Wives Reached Its Use-By Date With TLC Fans?

Sister Wives Sister Wives will have an 18th season on TLC and probably more will follow. The execs seem to be delighted that each of the wives going their own way can add so much content to show. But, there is only one wife left with Kody Brown. And, that seems to go against the original premise of the story. Weren’t they there to let fans know that everything in polygamist families is just fine and dandy? Some viewers are sick of it and feel that the show has reached its use-by date.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Gets Good Ratings

Season 17 got excellent ratings because of all the drama with Kody. Actually, it seems that the kids are coining it hand-over-fist because they saw an opportunity to make money off the show. Peadon and Gwendlyn have done particularly well on social media. Meanwhile, Mykelti and Tony Padron have also started speaking out on podcasts. All of them are Christine’s children. But some folks think that everyone now knows polygamy doesn’t work and the wives bought into making a living off a cult that doesn’t actually work.

Sister Wives fans flock to follow Christine Brown because she was the heroine who left first. And yet, some people do get a bit salty with her for a number of reasons. Firstly, they know that she spoke to Janelle about leaving Kody way back in Las Vegas. So, she already planned an exit. But, she carried on acting in the show until she had enough cash behind her to leave. Additionally, not everyone buys into the sudden discovery and subsequent engagement to David Woolley.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Use-By Date Has Arrived?

Taking to the R/SisterWives community, u/SweetandSour4ever asked, “Is anyone Else just OVER THIS FAMILY?” They also talked about the sort of comments that people use against critics like, “you don’t have to watch.” Taking no notice of them, the poster added, “[I’m] Glad the ladies are moving on. Glad the kids are doing well [and] Glad Kody and Robyn are stuck with each other.”

Has Sister Wives Reached Its Use-By Date With TLC Fans
u/SweetandSour4ever / Reddit

The Sister Wives critic went on and said, “it’s just time to move on. They are so stuck living life in front of the whole world.” Additionally, in their opinion, “it’s no longer about showing us how great polygamy is. It’s just how they perform in front of the camera in order to keep making a living off of TLC and all of us.” Finally, they ended up suggesting that the family could rather “catch up with them on social media occasionally just like regular people do.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Do Other TLC Fans Agree?

Some Sister Wives fans agree, but that only lasts until the next preview for the show arrives. Then, they want to get in front of their TVs, presumably to throw things at their screens.

There are opinions that align with the original poster. But, some folks would like to see polygamy being crushed as a cult. R/moonpuddding said,I’d be really happy if the show turned into awareness for leaving polygamy. It would be FASCINATING if they brought the girls back from season 3 (?) who tried to tell the Browns that they were stuck in a cult.”

What are your thoughts? After all, the show is not proving that polygamy is Awesome City. Sound off in the comments below,

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