LPBW: Why Is Isabel Roloff So Down On Her Body Image?

Little People Big World Isabel Roloff appeared in only one cameo for Little People Big World, (LPBW) so she’s not a main star in the show. However, TLC fans got to know her over the years via her Instagram account. There, they learned that she can be fierce and strong, but also vulnerable and sensitive. Perhaps she overthinks things, but why is she so down on her body image?

Little People Big World Spoilers – Isabel Roloff  & Jacob Create Their Dream Future

This article contains opinions, but sometimes, it seems that sort of thing is forgivable. When Jacob and his then-girlfriend hooked up, they spent some marvelous years traveling around in their van. He liked writing books, and he also collected rare books on his journeys. Meanwhile, she seemed to be a budding poet and a good photographer. These days, they settled down in Oregon and he works toward farming herbs and organic veggies. They both seem like nice people working for a sustainable future for their child, Mateo.

Isabel Roloff often talked about losing her mom to cancer, and her brother who also passed away. Sometimes, she talked about her troubled relationship with her dad. Clearly, she lost those she cared for in the past. Is she terrified that she might not be the perfect wife, mother, or relative and lose more loved ones? One thing we do know is that Audrey Roloff rates her as the closest person she can relate to in the family, so she does have a friend, which is good.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Isabel Roloff Talks About Mental Health – And Body Image

This week is not the first time that Jacob’s wife talked about her mental health. However, her poor body image feelings might not be something that people looking from the outside can understand. Just why is she so worried about her body image? She has beautiful colored hair. Plus, she’s not an ugly person. Actually, she has stunning eyes. Furthermore, she’s not looking ready to sign up for My 600-Lb Life. Some LPBW fans might envy her.

LPBW Why Is Isabel Roloff So Down On Her Body Image
Isabel Roloff / Instagram

Isabel Roloff talked about how she watched a video that helped her. That’s because right now, she struggles with her body image so much that it seems worse than ever. Disheartened, she related that no matter how much she tries, she still remains the same weight that she was when she birthed Mateo. So, that means that she’s been putting on weight. Actually, that has probably been the complaint of women throughout millennia.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Physical And Mental Health Go Hand In Hand

Isabel Roloff probably wishes that she could be healthy and achieve the right size that she feels is optimum. However, she worries about it so much, that she said, “This is me talking about something I have been so ashamed about and it’s been taking a toll on my relationships.” Hopefully, she doesn’t mean her relationship with Jacob. After all, the former Little People Big World star hardly seems like the type of person to fall out of love with his wife because she’s packing a few extra pounds.

.Still, body image is very important to Isabel. Hopefully, she will really believe one day that her body is “still wonderful” even if it’s not as perfect as she would wish it to be.

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