Little People Big World: Who’s Audrey Closest To In The Roloff Family?

Audrey Roloff Little People Big World (LPBW) alum Audrey Roloff is obviously closest to Jeremy Roloff and her own kids. But when it comes to the other siblings, who is she closest to? This week, a fan asked her that question in a Q&A and the answer might surprise you. Read on to find out who it is.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Audrey Roloff Has A Favorite

Most families will have a favorite sibling or other relative, and sometimes they have enemies. Of course, it’s well-known that Audrey and Tori Roloff don’t see eye to eye. Actually, rumors of a feud have raged for years now. At one stage, fans theorized that it was because Audrey and Tori have different perspectives on Christianity and politics. Recently, a comment Tori made when Audrey took the family to Disney seemed snippy. So, TLC fans think there is still an ongoing feud.

Little People Big World fans won’t be surprised then, that Tori isn’t Audrey’s bestie in the Roloff family. Probably, it’s just as well that Audrey and Jeremy left the LPBW show. The last few seasons were toxic enough without them in the mix. No doubt, the production team would have made a mountain out of Tori and her sister-in-law. Anyway, in her recent Q&A, Audrey pointed out that they make a good enough income from social media, books, and essential oils.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Fans Hear Audrey Roloff Talk Besties

In the same Q&A where she mentioned their income, Audrey Roloff also talked about grounding mats and humans being electrical entities. Then, someone asked her about her bestie in the family. The fan wrote, “What Roloff sibling are you closet with[?]” Well, the TLC alum answered in quite a detailed way.

Little People Big World Who Is Audrey Closest To In The Roloff Family
Audrey Roloff / Instagram Stories

The Little People Big World alum said, “I am probably the closest right now with Isabel because Jake and Isabel live the closest to us so we see them the most.” Of course, that makes sense because calling on the phone isn’t the same somehow. Additionally, she pointed out that Zach and Tori, and Molly “live in Washington” which isn’t just around the corner.

Little People Big World Spoilers – What Else Does Audrey Roloff Like About Isabel?

Little People Big World fans might be surprised to know that apart from the convenience of being close by, Audrey also revealed that she and Isabel get along well. She wrote, “Isabel and I, we just vibe on a lot of similar things.” Additionally, they “are into a lot of similar things, and she’s just very easy to talk to.”   

What are your thoughts? Are you surprised that Audrey and Isabel are good friends? Shout out in the comments below.

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