1000-Lb Sisters Fans Tell Josh Seiter To Get A Life Off Tammy’s Page

Josh Seiter1000-Lb Sisters fans seem to have officially decided that Joshg Zeiter is a creepazoid. Totally fed up with him sliding into the comments and DMs of reality TV stars, they told him to go “get a life.” That came when she shared a selfie on Sunday. All he had to do was write a single word to enrage TLC fans.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Josh Seiter On Tammy Slaton’s Page

Perhaps Josh better hope that Cassia Tavarez doesn’t go ahead with her lawsuit against him. At the beginning of January, she put out an invite for other TV stars who have been harassed by him to join in a class action. Well, the number of people that he talks to on various posts seems to have increased since then. Despite the criticism, he blithely carries on doing it. And worse, leaking private texts about the women who respond.

1000-Lb Sisters fans recently saw that he slid into Amy Halterman’s comments. Later, he claimed that she broke his heart. Actually, he also mentioned Christine Brown from Sister Wives and Karine Staehle. Plus, he mentioned his latest lady Glortietta from Love After Lockup. Taking it further, he posted a video of himself crying about it. Maybe he’s over it now because he soon popped up in Tammy Slaton’s comments.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers’ – Fans Try & Chase Josh Seiter Away From Tammy

Vulnerable women seem to attract Josh. All three of Kody’s ex-wives had gone through major changes. Then, Karine Staehle was trying to fight for custody of her kids. Amy of course recently filed for divorce from Michael Halterman. Meanwhile, there are rumors that Tammy’s new marriage to Caleb Willingham might already be on the rocks.

1000-Lb Sisters Fans Tell Josh Seiter To Get A Life Off Tammys Page
Tammy Slaton / Instagram

When 1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy posted up a selfie on Sunday, Josh arrived and told her, “Gorgeous.” Actually, a lot of fans think the same thing as she lost weight. If anyone else had said, “gorgeous,” probably, it would have passed by with no replies. But because it’s Josh, people turned on him. Most fans know that Tammy is vulnerable and always looking for love and they don’t want to see her exploited by anyone.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – ‘Get A Life’ Josh Seiter

One angry 1000-Lb Sisters fan wrote, “he’s soo thirsty for attention is pathetic and hilarious at the same time.”

Mocking him, another follower opined, “????? I can’t wait for this crying video.”

Angry comments arrived like this one: “stop! Your intentions are not pure. Leave Tammy alone. Go hit on another reality star.”

This one also went in: “just stop. Glorietta gonna be trolling her next talking ? about her in her stories. Call your girl and tell her she’s gorgeous. My man isn’t on social media all day telling everyone and their mom that they’re gorgeous. Get a life.”

Do you think that Josh Seiter will leave Tammy Slaton alone because fans want him to go away? Let us know in the comments below.

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