Kyle Chrisley Reacts To Nashville School Shooting

Kyle Chrisley Kyle Chrisley is the biological father of Chloe, who was adopted by Todd and Julie. Although his dad is in prison for tax-related crimes, he doesn’t have full custody of his daughter. Instead, Savannah looks after her. However, he took time away from his own current problems and asked people to pray for the people who died in the Nashville school shooting on Monday.

Kyle Chrisley – Posts About The Nashville School Shooting

At the moment, Todd’s son had his own problems on his mind as he deals with a felony arrest for allegedly threatening to kill his supervisor. It’s not all that often that Kyle goes online but as Chloe is raised in Nashville, not far from The Covenant, a private Christian school, he took to his Instagram Stories about it. Savannah and her brother Chase both did the same thing. If you don’t know, Todd, Chase, and Savannah reconciled with the estranged sibling ahead of Todd’s conviction.

Kyle Chrisley does see Chloe, who wasn’t one of the casualties in the school shooting. However, he doesn’t post very often on social media. These days, he lives with his new wife, Ashleigh Nelson. Some folks thought they might be able to raise Chloe, but that hasn’t happened. Still, he obviously cares about his daughter. So, he probably felt grateful that she was not a victim of the Nashville school shooting incident on Monday this week.

Kyle Chrisley – Calls For Prayers For Victims And Family

When Todd’s son took to Instagram he used his stories to put out his message. In his message, he wrote, “Prayers for the parents of the children killed at the Covenant school shootings.” Next, he wrote, “God please be with these families.” Meanwhile, his sister Savannah also mentioned the three teachers who also died in the incident.

Kyle Chrisley Reacts To Nashville School Shooting
Kyle Chrisley / Instagram Stories

Chrisley Knows Best fans don’t really know Kyle all that well. However, they do know that he spends time with his daughter Chloe. In November last year, he shared a very sweet photo of them together. At the time, he spoke about how he wished “things were different,” adding, “I would give you the world if I could.” Well, some fans think that by allowing Todd and Julie to raise his daughter, he did, in fact, give her the world.

Kyle Chrisley – Chloe Is Safe

It wasn’t Kyle Chrisley who told his followers that Chloe was safe. That news came from Savannah who shared that news on Instagram Stories as well. If you don’t know, a few years ago, Todfd said that they pulled Chloe out of private school because she felt picked on as a person of color.

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