90 Day Fiance: Cassia Tavarez Suing Josh Seiter After OnlyFans Post

Cassia Tavarez 90 Day Fiance fans are sick and tired of Josh Seiter who seems to be in search of a reality TV star to hook up with. While he denies he’s clout chasing, fans and other cast members of the TLC franchise have called him out. Now, he posted about Cassia Tavarez sliding into his OnlyFans, and she’s planning to sue him and get a class action going with other folks who were “harrassed” by him.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Cast Members Call Out Josh Seiter

Josh first dated TLC star Yolanda Leak, and later accused her of using him. Later, he hooked up with Love After Lockup star, Lizzie Kommes. Next, he was with Karine Staehle. That came when Paul posted about it on his Instagram Stories. That didn’t last very long, and he dissed her hard when they split. Actually, he dissed her again over the new year. Later, he popped up in the comments of Christine Brown’s posts.

Next, he moved on in pursuit of Cristine Brown and he gave several comments to outlets about how he really likes her. Furious fans got angrier when he appeared in Janelle Brown’s comments, and next, he popped up on Meri Brown’s Instagram. More recently, he claimed that Rose Vega wanted him to move in with her and they would become a little family. Over the New year, Rose vehemently denied that and called him out. Meanwhile, Paola Mayfield also called him out for “clout chasing.”

90 Day Fiance Spoilers – Cassie Tavarez Furious After OnlyFans Post

On January 1, Josh took to his Instagram Stories and shared a slide that said, “Wow, I just noticed that Cassia subscribed to my O F last month.” He added, “I guess she’s obsessed with me but that’s a little strange.” Mind you, he didn’t use her full name. Anyway, Cassia Tavarez slammed him. Three days ago on Reddit, when a fan asked her if Josh had contacted her, she replied, “No, he didn’t try to contact me, but was acting all weird after I called him out sending hearts and stuff. I blocked him after my last screenshot!”

90 Day Fiance Cassia Tavarez Suing Josh Seiter After OnlyFans Post
Josh Seiter Instagram via Cassia Tavarez Instagram Stories

90 Day Fiance fans saw that Cassia is not taking his OnlyFans post lightly. In her replies, she said, “Josh, I wouldn’t want your content even for free.” Then she kicked him where it hurts, saying, “Do you really think I’d waste my hard-earned money to see your ugly face?” Adding for good measure, “You have small D*ck energy.” Plus, she thinks he needs to get some “help.” After hoping never has kids, she said, “I’ll be suing you for defamation. I gave you a warning last night and you crossed the line.”

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Calling On Others To Join In A Lawsuit

90 Day Fiance stars and others who have been “harrassed” by Josh were then invited to contact her. With or without any others, she’s suing him anyway. But, she pointed out that “union makes strength.” Enough of his behavior on social media, she said that he “needs to be stopped….and be held accountable.” In fact, she feels he needs to answer for “hurting” the “reputations” of those that he’s been chasing. Court, she reasons, will make him have to “prove” what he claims.

What are your thoughts? Do you hope that Karine, Rose, Christine, and the rest join in the lawsuit? Sound off in the comments below.

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