Why Are Sister Wives Fans Hesitant To Believe Janelle Officially Left Kody?

Why Are Sister Wives Fans Hesitant To Believe Janelle Officially Left Kody?Sister Wives star Janelle Brown reportedly officially split from Kody Brown and yes, there were plenty of signs pointing to that. So how come, a lot of people seem hesitant to believe it actually happened? Admittedly, plenty of people seem to be dancing for joy, but it seems that plenty of people feel a bit skeptical. Why is that? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives Stars Janelle Brown Had Reason To Leave Kody

Speculation that the mom of Logan, Maddie, Hunter, Garrison, Gabe, and Savanah had left Kody has been around for a while now. Of course, TLC fans saw that things became toxic between Janelle and Kody in Season 17. In fact, cracks started showing in season 15 and continued in season 16. Clearly, Christine Brown had Janelle’s support when she left. But, does that mean she actually got out of the marriage already?

In Sister Wives Season 17, Janelle said, “I never thought I’d be in a place where I would be questioning my relationship.” So, she telegraphed the possibility quite clearly. Adding to that, Gwendlyn Brown said that she had already left. That came when she posted a TikTok where she chatted with her girlfriend. So, why are so many people questioning the bold headline from InTouch Weekly? It said, “It’s Over! Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Officially Ends Her Marriage to Kody Brown.”

Sister Wives Fans On Reddit Skeptical About Janelle Brown

InTouch Weekly is often seen as an outlet that dishes the truth. But these days, people seem to have a lot more skepticism than they used to. Notably, there have been lawsuits against the outlet in the past and Blake Shelton comes to mind. However, one thing that worries Redditors in particular, is the fact that the story came from “a source.” So when the news broke, u/Pleasant-Ad-5504 on the TLCsisterwives subreddit asked, “Janelle and Kody split? Is it true???”

Why Are Sister Wives Fans Hesitant To Believe Janelle Officially Left Kody
InTouch Weekly Via u/Pleasant-Ad-5504 /Reddit

Sister Wives fans recently heard that Janelle advised Christine Brown to stay with Kody until he was financially independent. Then, the news arrived on TLC, that Janelle had helped to pay for Robyn’s property and she is still on multiple listings of the Coyote land. So, it seemed that she might have been stuck for cash to be able to leave.

No Official Statement From The TLC STars

In the Reddit post, Sister Wives viewer, u/Additional_Mix8197, voiced their skepticism about the official split by Janelle Brown. The comment read: “I’ll believe it once they both announce it like they did with Christine and Kody.” Then they added, “…also the article is a joke of an article and doesn’t give you any confirmation… just another rumor article.”

Agreeing, u/CaterpillarWitch opined, “Yep. All these magazines have been reporting similar stories for years. I won’t believe it until it comes from one of the adult Browns themselves.”

However, u/xixan said, “I’d die if they legit just waited for savannah to turn 18 to announce.” Actually,  there might be a shred of truth in that. After all, Savanah turned 18 and Janelle shared about it on Instagram two days ago.

It would be smart [of] her to have waited,” opined duckqueen1997. After all, “she has no minor children with him and she can make a clean break from him. I’ve thought she was waiting for her [daughter] to turn 18 to make the break for a while now.”

Despite those arguments for the split being real, across social media, skeptical fans still want to hear it directly from the horse’s mouth before they will believe it. ·

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