Shiny Happy People: Part 2: Will the Bates Family Be Featured

Shiny Happy People: Part 2 is coming and fans of the first docu-series on Amazon want to know what family will be featured next. There are some rumors that the Bates family will be part of this upcoming season.

They are very close friends to the Duggar family and according to some, they have taken part in a lot of covering up the Duggar’s lifestyle. Let’s find out more about the second part of this series.

Shiny Happy People Spoilers – Bringing Up Bates

The Bates family is another family who is steadfast in their religion. They have 19 children in all and they appeared on the UpTV show, Bringing Up Bates.

Gil and Kelly Bates are the parents of the Bates children and are very close to the Duggar family.

Shiny Happy People: Part 2: Will the Bates Family Be FeaturedThey share very similar beliefs to the Duggras and no matter what they do, they are still getting hate for their beliefs.

The Bates family is very active on social media and feels as if their fans deserve to know what is happening with them at all times.

With the release of Shiny Happy People on Amazon, fans of the Bates family are very curious to find out if they will appear in this part of the docu-series.

There have been some Redditors who claim to have information that the Bates family has been filming in Georgia. There are plenty of religious families in Georgia, so it may not necessarily be the Bates family.

Shiny Happy People Spoilers – What Redditors Think

Georgia is a pretty popular place for filming shows and series these days, so it could be possible that any number of families could be featured in the second part of Shiny Happy People.

It came up on Reddit that the Bates family may be just one of the super-religious families covered. The Plath family is from Georgia and grew in popularity on TLC as well.

The Bates family announced that they would no longer be on their reality show in 2022. There have been rumors that they would come back to television, but this may not be the way that they anticipated.

Those who follow the practices of the IBLP and Bill Gothard have gotten a lot of grief since the first part of Shiny Happy People aired. We will have to wait and see which families appear in the second part.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Shiny Happy People right now. Come back here often for Shiny Happy People spoilers, news, and updates.

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