The Duggars: Will Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar ‘Shun’ Jinger After Release Of Her Tell-All Book?

The DuggarsThe Duggars spoilers, news, and updates tease that Jinger is risking her relationship with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar after the release of her tell-all book. Her memoir, titled Becoming Free Indeed, will expose the family and religious secrets of the Duggars.

Jinger, who is now 28 years old, has kept a distance between herself and the rest of the family. Mary Murphy, a former friend of the Duggars, told The U.S. Sun that Jinger might face dire consequences if her book is going to be an exposé of the truth behind her family.

Murphy, who hosts Out of the Shadows, once considered Jim Bob and Michelle’s daughters as sisters. She was eventually “shunned and excommunicated” from their church when she questioned the Institute in Basic Life Principles [IBLP] religion.

The Duggars – Mary Murphy Thinks Jinger Duggar Will Suffer The Same Fate As er If She Decides To Release The Book.

“Jim Bob and Michelle’s reaction to the book will depend on the contents of the book, as well as the approach. Is the memoir a tell-all? Will Jinger call Michelle and Jim Bob out? If so, the likelihood of Jim Bob shutting Jinger out and cutting her off raises,” she said. “However, if Jinger’s book does not hurt the family image or the facade of perfection, then I don’t expect Jim Bob to cut her off. I am eager to read the book. I imagine Jinger is a few years into this journey. In another 10 years, there will be another book. Because it is a long journey,” the insider continued.

The Duggars – Jinger  Duggar’s New Lifestyle

Jinger was always known as someone who loved breaking the rules of the family, especially when it came to what kind of dress should be worn during service.
For instance, taking part in Halloween isn’t allowed. But things have changed a lot since she wore one during this time of year. This year, she celebrated Halloween with Evangeline, Felicity, and her son.

For now, nobody really knows what the book contains, and everyone is unsure whether or not it will say bad things about her parents and other people. Murphy is happy for Jinger for being able to share her story. “Stepping forward to tell your own story represents a vital part of taking your agency back and finding your voice,” She explained.

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